g7 summit hellfire
Big things are happening in the arena of global power politics. The USA under Trump fears that it will be unseated as global hegemon by the looming threat of Eurasian integration. To forestall such an unpleasant situation, Trump and Co. have decided to 'reset the clock' on the way the US does business in the world and how it runs its empire. The first order of business is kicking Europe and any other 'lackeys' to the kerb, cutting them off from the 'favorable' trade deals they have enjoyed with the USA. The Europeans, Canadians, Japanese etc. are understandably not happy with this flagrant attempt to, in their words, destroy the "global order" that was built by the US itself.

Will Trump prevail in his ham-fisted attempts to Make America Great Again at the expense of long term "partners"? Will America remain on top in the face of major moves by Russia and China to create a 'New World Order'? Will the EU survive it all? Find out on this week's show with Joe and Niall.

This show aired live Sunday 10th June, from 12-1.30pm EST / 6-7.30pm CET

Running Time: 01:23:57

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