The temperature on Friday (Feb 23) in Vale do Cruzeiro, about 16km from the center of São Joaquim, dropped to 5.7ºC in the shelter and -2.4ºC in the grass, making it the fifth frost (freeze) in February at the top of the mountain range.

The previous record was only 3 frosts (freezes) in February 2002.

Remember, summer begins on December 21 in Brazil and ends on March 20.

This summer has already seen 12 days of frost, while the summer of 2008/2009 saw 13 days. It's also the seventh frost of 2018, making it the biggest number of frost days for the start of the year in 64 years!

This goes along with the headline: "São Joaquim (SC) without summer."

Record Established! Frost on Caminhos da Neve marks the November with more days of frost in the history of meteorology in the region of São Joaquim

For the first time in history, São Joaquim recorded a cooler November than September in average.

Thanks to Martin Siebert for these links