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Netanyahu • Soros
This is not the first time that the billionaire involves himself in the immigration policy of a foreign country. The Israeli campaign is aimed at sending African immigrants and asylum seekers to an unnamed African country, forcibly if needed.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has allegedly accused Jewish-American billionaire of Hungarian origin George Soros of undermining the state's deportation program and "funding the protests". The incident reportedly happened during a weekly meeting of ministers from the ruling Likud party as a response to the science minister's comment that Israeli aid organizations had been receiving help from foreign governments and foundations, according to the local Channel 10 television channel.

Reports also claim that Netanyahu drew parallels between the Israeli deportation campaign and Obama's deportation of "two million infiltrators," which he noted remained undisputed. Israel's Population and Immigration Authority began notifying immigrants and asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan that they are to be deported to an unnamed African country with a relatively "stable government." In case they don't go voluntarily, they will be forcibly expelled starting April 1.

Soros has already been at the epicenter of immigration scandal. In 2017, the Hungarian government launched a public campaign against Soros, accusing him in orchestrating and supporting the migration to Europe amid the 2015 refugee crisis. The campaign featured billboards attacking the alleged pro-immigration "Soros plan," but was halted under pressure from Tel Aviv, calling it "anti-Semitic." Soros himself called accusations by the Hungarian government "distortions and outright lies".