Trump shithole
The mainstream media isn't known for its truth-telling. Too much political correctness and a belief in 'less said soonest mended' has resulted in an institutional paucity of forthright and objective opinion, calling a 'spade a spade' if you will. But Donald Trump is putting an end to all that.

While most of the mainstream media loves to hate Trump and takes great delight in excoriating him over his low brow and 'unpresidential' utterances, his most recent faux pas has been seized upon by leftist pundits across the board and indulgently repeated to the extent that we start to wonder if they aren't secretly thankful for the opportunity offered by the President to let loose and publicly say the words they always wanted to.

For those of you that may have been out of the loop on the goings-on in the world (or at least the 'international community') over the past few days, just watch this short video and be assured that you are now up to speed.