frozen Buzzards Bay
© Ryan Canty / YouTubeNo that's not the north pole; that's just outside Boston last week.

Children just aren't going to know what snow is." Thus spake 'climate science' at the turn of the new millennium.

And then the cold waves came on so hard and so fast that 'climate scientists' had to invent a new term for them: 'polar vortex'. The current one over the eastern half of North America has broken records left and right - and I mean century-old records. It's so cold on Mount Washington in New Hampshire that it's literally out of this world: it's colder there than on Mars. And what about that superpowerful storm in the US northeast? They had to invent a new name for that too.

The weather they told us would 'soon never happen again' is not just happening in spades in North America. The UK had its heaviest snowfall in four years in early December. It's freezing cold in India too, where some 70 people have died from exposure, and the Sahara Desert (yes, one of the hottest places on Earth) just got a substantial snowfall for the second winter running.

But hold on, say 'climate scientists' and armchair activists, "weather is not climate." Touché! Recall, however, that these same 'experts' were saying that this kind of weather we're currently experiencing would "soon become a thing of the past..."

In other news, more actual scientists are talking about an imminent ice age, with professor Valentina Zharkova of Northumbria University reporting that her model of the sun's magnetic fields indicate a "huge reduction in solar activity for 33 years between 2020 and 2053, causing global temperatures to decrease-drastically."

What exactly constitutes an 'ice age' is, of course, impossible to predict, but one thing it certainly will not be is incessant heatwaves and inundated coastal cities from totally melted ice caps. You would think anyone myopic enough to hang their entire reputation on that would today be crawling away in shame, but no! Al Gore, like all people well practiced in lying to themselves, reckons the sight of Cape Cod freezing over proves he was right all along...

Pied Pipers of Global Warming

"No more snow" said the 2009 version of Al Gore "Lots more snow" says 2018 Al Gore. According to that bloviating 'climate whistleblower', massive snowstorms are "exactly what one would expect" to result from man-made global warming. Unless there aren't any. Then that's also what one would expect. Liars and blowhards are easily identified when no matter what they say, they can't be wrong.

To prove his point Gore cited Michael Mann of Climategate fame - the same 'scientist' who got slapped with a contempt of court for refusing to provide previous data that 'proved' global warming. But why would he reveal his data when it's clear that he's in the business of purposefully erasing global climate history? After all, there's still money to be made: during the 2008 recession Mann made an easy half a $million off Obama's 'green' stimulus package.

The biting cold has reality-deniers lashing out via their favorite liberal hipster outlets. Like this recent piece in the Guardian entitled 'The 'imminent mini ice age' myth is back, and it's still wrong'. The author, Dana Nuccitelli, is a self-described 'environmentalist' who believes Democrats hold the keys to saving the US from 'the Trumpocalypse'. According to him, every two years the world is bombarded by "claims of an ice age," which is then picked up by 'fake news'. He has also gone on record saying that, "There is no cohesive, consistent alternative theory to human-caused global warming," which is funny because man-made global warming has proven itself wrong so many times that the only thing maintaining its 'cohesiveness' is that it's consistently wrong.

'Ancient' ice age theories

Nutticelli's scientific analysis aside, studies on global cooling have been published for decades. 13 recent studies and their abstracts are listed here. While the concept of rapid-onset glacial rebound is gaining traction, its potentially devastating consequences are being played down. This soothing report, for example, reassures us that an ice age "will not be deadly for the human race" because we have heating technology! True, ancient humanity did not have electric heaters, but modern crops don't either. The US just witnessed another billion-dollar crop freeze and China has seen massive fruit and vegetable crop failures.

Our period, the Holocene, is relatively warm, but that doesn't mean it will stay that way - it is only a little more than 10,000 years old. Most of Earth's history has been spent in ice age conditions. Anticipating a warmer global climate because of an increase in 'greenhouse gases', itself not even a main driver of temperature, is just historically untenable.

With this in mind, in 1972 geologists George Kukla and Robert Matthews, alarmed at cooling temperatures earlier in the century, sent a letter to President Nixon warning that:
...a global deterioration of climate, by order of magnitude larger than any hitherto experienced by civilized mankind is a very real possibility and indeed may be due very soon.
That same year, the American Association for the Advancement of Science wondered when the current intergalacial period would end, stating that,
On the geologic time scale, the general warmth and basic bipartite pattern of the last 10,000 years of the earth's history (the elapsed part of the Holocene), which are characteristic of interglacials [were studied]. It has long been recognized that the climatic optimum passed 6,000 to 7,000 years ago and was succeeded by slow, oscillatory cooling, interrupted by milder episodes like the one in the 10th and 11th centuries.
Not long after that, the global warming train began in earnest, leaving us where we are today with high priests of global warming viciously attacking 'denialist' science.

By the late 70s the scientist Hubert Lambe was lamenting the state of climate science, wondering how global warming alarmists could divert massive amounts of funding into computer models that only served to validate their original assumptions. Key to their 'findings' was the notion that climate change could be offset by drumming up public support for government agendas to 'fix' the 'problem'. Which is why the idea that the climate can change suddenly and chaotically and that there's nothing anyone can do about it had to go.

And since then "the science is settled. There's 97% consensus. There is no cohesive, consistent alternative theory to human-caused global warming." Except that there is, one that explains a lot more, and which involves the interplay between the Sun and the Earth. And nowhere is it more concisely explained than in Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection.