beluga whale
Arctic Beluga whales are called sea canaries due to their ability to 'sing', which includes clicks, whistles, clangs and high-pitched squeaks, as is shown in the following video.

One man started singing to Beluga whales while kayaking with others, and the whales curiously approached him. He then decided to go underwater and continued to sing to them. The whales responded by 'singing back':

Rare sightings of Beluga whales

While Beluga whales prefer Arctic waters, there have been rare sightings of them in recent years off the coasts of the UK, Ireland, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts - which may be due to Earth Changes affecting water temperatures to be lower than normal, such as was the case in Ireland two years ago:
Peter Evans, Director of the Sea Watch Foundation, who helped identify the whale, said that the arctic whale could have come this far south because of the unusually low sea temperatures this summer.
Needless to say, wherever they appear, it must be quite a sighting, and even moreso if the opportunity arises to hear them sing!