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Wed, 06 Jul 2022
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Cloud Precipitation

Parts of Accra, Ghana inundated with flood waters again

Some parts of Accra were again hit by floods after a downpour that lasted about two hours yesterday[July 5, 2022] morning.

The rains, which affected mostly the eastern and the northern parts of the capital, left many communities flooded and also caused heavy vehicular traffic on some major roads.

As usual, flood-prone areas such as Kaneshie, Odorkor and the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange were not spared by the flood waters.

Comment: Back in May: Floods leave Accra underwater - cars washed away in Ghana

In April: Parts of Accra, Ghana flooded after 1-hour downpour

Cloud Precipitation

Fatalities reported after floods in Balochistan, Pakistan - at least 25 killed (UPDATE)

Floods in Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan, July 2022
© Provincial Disaster Management Authority.
Floods in Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan, July 2022
Disaster authorities in the Pakistan province of Balochistan report 6 people have lost their lives after heavy rain caused damage and flooding.

Raging floods swept through the streets of the provincial capital Quetta on 04 July 2022. Residents of the city and surrounding areas were left without electricity after floods and winds downed power lines. Local media said makeshift and mud houses were swept away by flooding in low-lying areas of the city. Four people died when a house collapsed in the Sariab Mills area of the city. Two other fatalities, believed to be young children, died in flood waters near a major highway.

Teams from Balochistan's Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) were called on to carry out rescues and flood clearance in various parts of the city. As of 05 July, PDMA reported one person was missing.

Comment: Update July 6

The Press Trust of India reports:
Pakistan: Flash Flood Kills At Least 25 As Monsoon Rain Inundates Balochistan Province

At least 25 people have been killed, including six women from the same family, after seasonal monsoon rains caused flash floods that wreaked havoc in Pakistan's Balochistan province on Wednesday, prompting authorities to declare an emergency in Quetta district.

Director-General of the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Naseer Ahmad Nasar said all the deaths were due to rain-related incidents in various parts of Balochistan.

"We have also had many incidents of people being injured in the heavy rains," he said.

There are fears that the death toll could go up as several people are still reportedly missing due to flash flooding in remote areas of the Balochistan province, according to the PDMA.

Nasar said that more than 300 mud-walled houses were damaged in Quetta district.

The dead included six women from the same family in Quetta. They were killed when the wall of their makeshift house collapsed due to rain and strong winds, officials said.

According to family members, two women succumbed to injuries as there were no arrangements to get them hospitalised, the Dawn newspaper report said.

Three women and four children were also killed when houses collapsed on the outskirts of Quetta.

The Balochistan government has declared an emergency in Quetta district. Several districts of Balochistan province have received heavy downpour accompanied by strong winds over the past 24 hours.

The bodies of two girls were also recovered in Quetta as they drowned in a deep pond in Bhosa Mandi area on Tuesday night, officials said.

Two women were killed in Dasht area in Mastung district when a wall of their house collapsed, they said.

In Kech districts, three children drowned in a seasonal stream in the Mand area close to the Pakistan-Iran border.

Five coal miners were also swept away in a seasonal nullah.

However, the locals saved two of them, while three others drowned in the gushing waters.

Heavy rains have hit parts of Nasirabad, Jaffarabad, Sibi, Ziarat, Harnai, Barkhan, Loralai, Lasbela, Kohlu, Dera Bugti, Awaran, Noshki and Chagai districts where the local administration has stepped in to provide relief measures.

Floods triggered by seasonal monsoon rains wreak havoc in Pakistan every year, killing hundreds.

Cloud Precipitation

Floods and landslides cause fatalities in Himachal Pradesh, India

Flash floods in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India, 06 July 2022.
© Kullu Police
Flash floods in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India, 06 July 2022.
Torrential rain in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India, has caused landslides and flash floods in several districts. The Chief Minister confirmed a number of fatalities. Police fear more people are still missing.

Local media said a "cloudburst" dumped torrential rain in Choj village of Manikarn valley of Kullu district. Houses and a bridge across the Parbati River were severely damaged or destroyed. Police said as many as 4 people were feared missing. The Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh later confirmed fatalities.

Landslides and flooding struck in other areas of the district, blocking roads and damaging buildings. Around 30 employees at the Malana hydropower project were trapped inside a building and were later rescued.

Cloud Precipitation

3 dead after floods in several provinces of Ecuador

Flood rescue in Ecuador July 2022
Flood rescue in Ecuador July 2022
Disaster officials in Ecuador reported heavy rain caused the overflow of 10 rivers in various locations in the country from 03 to 05 July 2022. At least 3 people have died and dozens displaced.

Heavy rain, floods and landslides have caused at least 3 fatalities according to disaster officials and local media reports. One person died after being swept away by floods in Azogues in the province of Cañar. Another person died when a house collapsed in Azuay. A third fatality was reported after floods in the canton of Guamote in the province of Chimborazo.


Rare Eurasian bird spotted in Michigan, first sighting in US

A Eurasian shorebird known as a common redshank was discovered in a Detroit-area marsh on July 4, 2022.
© Justin Labadie
A Eurasian shorebird known as a common redshank was discovered in a Detroit-area marsh on July 4, 2022.
A Michigan birdwatcher made a once-in-a-lifetime discovery this weekend when he spotted a bird known as a common redshank in a marsh near Detroit, a few thousand miles from the bird's usual home.

Birding record keepers have confirmed the sighting as the first time the Eurasian shorebird has ever been seen in the United States.

Photographer Justin Labadie was birding Monday at Pointe Mouillee State Game Area, scanning one of the 4,000-acre preserve's marshy shorelines, when he spotted a reddish-legged shorebird that looked different than the others around it. A quick Google search and a few texts to birding colleagues confirmed that Labadie could officially report the rarest sighting he'd ever made.


Australia floods: 50,000 people in Sydney told to evacuate

Floods have hit Australia's largest city Sydney for the third time this year prompting evacuation warnings to 50,000 people.

Parts of Sydney have received about eight months of rain in four days.

Roads have been cut off, some houses are under water and thousands have been left without power.

Widespread flooding across Australia - driven by a La Niña weather pattern - has killed more than 20 people this year, many in New South Wales.

Cloud Lightning

Woman captures lightning striking husband's truck in Tampa Bay, Florida

A woman captured the moment lightning struck a vehicle—with her husband and three children inside—in front of her.

Cloud Precipitation

Deadly flash floods in Kedah, Malaysia

Flood damage in Baling, Kedah, Malaysia, July 2022
© NADMA Malaysia
Flood damage in Baling, Kedah, Malaysia, July 2022
At least 3 people have died after flash floods in Baling District in the state of Kedah, Malaysia.

Flooding struck after heavy rain from 04 July 2022. Levels of the Ketil River at Kuala Pegang jumped to 36.05 metres, which is 50 cm above the alert level.

Flooding swamped at least 9 villages in the district. Malaysia's disaster management agency reported 1,424 people evacuated their homes and moved to emergency accommodation as of 05 July.

Kedah Fire and Rescue Department said the bodies of 3 family members who were reported missing were found during the morning of 05 July 2022.

Flood water reached up to roof height. Over 70 houses were severely damaged and at least 6 completely destroyed by the force of the flooding. Local media reported some victims swept away by the floods managed to survive by holding on to trees and branches. Bridges and roads were also destroyed.

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SOTT Earth Changes Summary - June 2022: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

sott earth changes june 2022
Unseasonable snow in the Northern Hemisphere continued to make headlines in June. High parts of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Hampshire got up to 16 inches of snow, disrupting travel.

There were unprecedented summer snowfalls in central Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan that dumped historic accumulations in Samangan province, killing cattle and damaging seasonal crops.

1,000 people died, and 1,500 were wounded after a 5.9M earthquake hit eastern Afghanistan, compounding the struggle in a nation already affected by a food crisis.

China's Sichuan province was hit by a shallow 6.1M earthquake that took the lives of at least four people and wounded 14 others.

Extreme storms, floods, and landslides wreaked havoc around the world this month.

Half a million people have been affected by the heaviest downpour in 60 years, triggering floods and landslides in Guangdong, China. The record-breaking event caused the evacuation of 177,600 people, destroyed 1,729 houses, and damaged 27.13 hectares of crops.

Meanwhile, unusually heavy floods and landslides affected over 2 million people in the provinces of Hunan and Jiangxi in China after days of heavy rain. At least 32 died, 2,700 houses collapsed, around 286,000 people were evacuated, and 76,300 hectares of cropland were heavily damaged.

In northeastern India and Bangladesh, at least 18 people died, and 2 million homes were destroyed as massive floods ravaged the area.

Furthermore, lightning in parts of Bangladesh killed at least nine people.

At least 17 people died after heavy rain caused flooding and landslides in Meghalaya, Assam, and Sikkim, India. Parts of Meghalaya recorded more than 31 inches of rain in 24 hours, leaving a broad path of destruction. 150 people died, and 200,000 were displaced. In Assam, 5 million were affected by heavy floods of overflowing rivers.

Strong winds and thunderstorms, heavy rain, floods, and hail wreaked havoc across France from June 3rd to 5th. 65 departments across the country were affected, thousands of homes lost power, and at least one person died in flood waters in Rouen. 15 people were injured across the country.

For the first time in more than 20 years, Météo-France issued orange level alerts for almost all departments in the country.

Huge hail also left a mark around the world this month. Texas, Wisconsin, Mexico City, Germany, Italy, and Budapest, were the most affected.

All that, and more, in this month's SOTT Earth Changes Summary:


Rare deep sea oarfish spotted on the Great Barrier Reef - first ever record for the location

A rare juvenile oarfish was spotted near Opal Reef about 48 kilometres off Port Douglas.

A rare juvenile oarfish was spotted near Opal Reef about 48 kilometres off Port Douglas.
A fish that has never been seen off the east coast of Australia has been spotted on the Great Barrier Reef.

Marine biologist Jorja Gilmore was at the shallows of Opal Reef, about 48 kilometres off the coast of Port Douglas, when something in the water caught her eye about lunchtime on June 16.

"I was taking a guided snorkel group for a swim, when I looked down into one of the corals and saw something very unusual," she said.

Ms Gilmore had only been working on the reef since February, so she called master reef guide Tahn Miller over for look.

"I didn't know what it was, so I called over Tahn who had a camera," she said.