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Mon, 22 Oct 2018
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Earth Changes


Strong and shallow M6.7 earthquake strikes near Vancouver Island, Canada

Quake off Canada
A powerful earthquake has struck off the coast of Canada, the US Geological Survey said.

Initial indications suggest it was a magnitude 6.7 quake that struck 117 miles off the coast of Port Hardy, a town on the north east end of Vancouver Island.

It is believed that the quake struck at a depth of 21 miles. There are currently no immediate reports of casualties or damage following the quake and no tsunami warning has been issued.

Cloud Precipitation

Full scale-emergency as flash floods rip through villages in south Spain - 15 inches of rain 24 hours

Serrania de Ronda today
© Karl Smallman, Euro Weekly News
TWO-STOREY HOUSE: Flash floods hit JimeRa de Libar in the Serrania de Ronda today (Sunday).
Red alerts for torrential rain in parts of Andalucia have been extended again - through until 6pm tonight (Sunday) as the province of Malaga experiences some of the worst weather seen in living memory.

Many roads are blocked by flooding and rockfalls - particularly in the province of Malaga.

The Serrania de Ronda has particularly badly hit with the tiny village of Jimera de Libar been particularly badly hit as the river levels suddenly rose - leaving two-storey properties almost totally submerged and cars washed away.

Comment: A slightly later report by Reuters states:
A firefighter was found dead in the southern Spanish province of Malaga on Sunday, the fire service said, after heavy overnight rain swept through streets and forced hundreds of people from their homes.

In the town of Campillos, cars were borne along the streets by the water and left in wrecked piles after the flood subsided.

Almost 400 millimeters of rain fell in 24 hours in the town of Ardales - around 62 km (40 miles) from the main city of Malaga - alone, according to the regional government's environmental department.

Firefighter Jose Gil disappeared when the truck he was traveling in with two others overturned, the local fire service said on Twitter. His companions were rescued, but Gil was later found dead.
New weather warning as eastern Spain braces for worst 'cold drop' in 10 years

Recently major flash floods hit Majorca, Spain and neighbouring southwest France. See also:


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Earth's crop yields are now affected by the sun

Calgary was hit by an early fall snowstorm
© Sarah Lawrynuik
Calgary was hit by an early fall snowstorm Monday night.
Canadian crops destroyed by all-time record snow and cold across Alberta, Canada in October.

All-time means the old records were broken by 5X as daily & monthly totals were crushed in both September and October 2018.

The Eddy Grand Solar Minimum continues to intensify along with decreases in global grain yields.


Cloud Precipitation

National disaster declared in Trinidad after catastrophic flooding

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has declared that the flooding nightmare that has left thousands marooned is a "national disaster."

There has been a catastrophic level of flooding across many communities in Trinidad beginning Friday night. Families are being evacuated from homes in east and central Trinidad as flood waters continue to rise following two days of persistent rainfall.

Just before 10am yesterday, the Prime Minister via his Facebook page stated that it is going to cost a lot of money to bring relief. He also condemned acts of looting during the disaster.

He posted: "This is a national disaster, the flooding is quite widespread and quite severe and it is going to cost a lot of money to bring relief to people who have been affected. Notwithstanding whatever shortages we are experiencing we will have to find the resources to help.

Cloud Lightning

Over 300,000 lightning strikes recorded across New South Wales, Australia

NSW thunderstorms: State hit by 300,000 lightning strikes in severe storm

NSW thunderstorms: State hit by 300,000 lightning strikes in severe storm
More than 300,000 lightning strikes hit New South Wales last night after severe thunderstorms roared through the state.

Sydney had upwards of 7000 lightning strikes while a deluge of rain saw the gauge at Sydney Airport record 19.2mm in 15 minutes.

SES NSW received 200 calls for help, with the strong storm bringing down trees and causing localised flooding.

Two people were rescued from floodwaters, the organisation said on Facebook.

A Rockdale resident miraculously filmed the moment a lightning strike hit his home, shattering a wall and sending bricks flying.


New Zealand surfer in hospital after being bitten on arm by shark in rare attack

A shark tooth is embedded in the surfboard belonging to a Whanageri man who was attack by the shark off Baylys Beach

A shark tooth is embedded in the surfboard belonging to a Whanageri man who was attack by the shark off Baylys Beach
A New Zealand surfer has been attacked by a shark and airlifted to a hospital after suffering moderate injuries.

The man was surfing at Baylys Beach about 100 kilometers (60 miles) northwest of Auckland when the attack happened, according to police.

The man, who is in his 20s, was in pain and bleeding after being bitten on his hand, elbow and mouth, according to the New Zealand Herald website, but was able to walk and talk.

The shark left bite marks and a tooth in the man's surfboard, said news website Stuff.


Finback whale washes ashore in Provincetown, Massachusetts

This giant Finback Whale washed up on the outside of Long Point Road in P-Town.
© Provincetown Police Department
This giant Finback Whale washed up on the outside of Long Point Road in P-Town.
From the Provincetown Police Department:

50-60 foot Finback whale washed up on the outside of Long Point Road in Provincetown. The Finback whale (Balaenoptera physalus) is the world's second biggest living animal. Finbacks can grow to nearly 70 feet in length and a weight of 70 tons. Despite that massive size, they are streamlined and muscular allowing them to travel at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour, earning it the nickname, "the greyhound of the sea". It can reportedly hold its breath for 50 minutes. The whale's territory stretches across all of the world's oceans. The Finback Whale is listed as an endangered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

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Landslide triggered by heavy rain sweeps away family of 4 in northern Nicaragua

file photo

File photo
A landslide unleashed by heavy rains has slammed into a home in northern Nicaragua, killing two adults and leaving two children missing and presumed dead.

Leonidas Centeno is the mayor of Jinotega municipality. He says the avalanche of mud, water and uprooted trees swept away the home early Saturday and dragged it for more than 100 metres (109 yards).

The bodies of a 61-year-old man and his 36-year-old wife were recovered. Two daughters ages 13 and 4 were missing.

Authorities say recent rains have caused 10 more deaths, and a red alert is in place in eight of Nicaragua's 17 departments.

Source: AP

Cloud Precipitation

Desert state Qatar drenched by floods as almost a year's rain falls in ONE day

Qatar floods
© M7Abaza

Roads are impassable, air traffic is disrupted and homes are flooded, while shops and universities close

Qatar was hit by widespread flash flooding on Saturday as the desert state received almost a year's worth of rainfall in one day.

Roads became impassable, air traffic was disrupted and homes were flooded, while shops and universities closed, AFP said.

Qatar broadcaster Al Jazeera's senior meteorologist, Steff Gaulter, tweeted that one part of the capital Doha had experienced almost a year's worth of rain on Saturday.

"Abu Hamor (a suburb) now reporting 59.8mm. (Doha average annual rainfall is 77mm.)," she wrote. By early evening it was estimated that 61mm (2.4 inches) of rain had fallen.

The storm hampered visibility for drivers and motorists were urged to be cautious, the Peninsula website reported.

"I am turning back because driving has become very difficult in the heavy rain and wind. Even buildings cannot be seen clearly," one driver told the Peninsula.

Comment: Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Atmospheric compression snow and rain events Autumn 2018-2019


The planet is cracking up: Eruption of fire from cracks in earth causes panic in Kurnool, India

Panic spread among people in Marrikunta Thanda, a hilly area in Owk mandal of Kurnool district on Saturday as fire errupted from cracks that developed on earth.

Cracks in the ground were seen up to a depth of about 200 metres and flames were seen spreading from the gaps.

An electric pole was melted due to heat generated in the earth. The news spread in the surrounding villages and people in large numbers flocked to witness the fire from earth at the hamlet.

Owk Tahsildar Sanjeevaiah, rushed to the spot and made inquiries. He later informed the matter to the officials of Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC) and Mines and Geology department.