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Justin Trudeau indicating to his supporters the place where his heart used to be.
"Let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth." ~ Matthew 6:3
It is said that a genius is someone who can hold two contradictory ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function. But a person who not only holds two contradictory ideas in mind at the same time but then proceeds to act on them, is obviously an idiot. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is just such an idiot.

When he is not virtue-signaling about diversity and inclusion, pretending to be a feminist, posing for photos with topless women, paying out over 10 million dollars to convicted terrorists, apologizing to various minority groups for every conceivable injustice that history may have visited upon them, and attempting to reintegrate ISIS fighters into Canadian society, he likes to sell weapons of war.

This week, CBC News is reporting that Trudeau's Liberal cabinet has given the green light for Canadian defense contractors to sell weapons to Ukraine, a country currently killing its own people:
The embattled eastern European country has been added to Canada's automatic firearms country control list.

The decision was made on Nov. 23, according to a cabinet order posted online.

It was released publicly on Wednesday, as the House of Commons prepared to rise for the Christmas break.

The long-standing plea by the Ukrainian government was a feature of last fall's meeting between President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
That Ukraine is presently under the control of fascists (actual ones), and that Canadian-made weapons will be used against civilians to prop up Ukraine's unbelievably corrupt and illegitimate government doesn't seem to bother the Canadian Prime Minister.

Unsurprisingly, the reporters of the left-leaning CBC continue the story by using the word "annex" to describe Crimea's overwhelmingly democratic choice to join the Russian federation in 2014.
The move puts Canada out ahead of the United States, which has been considering its own weapons sales.

In a statement, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said the decision reflects closer ties between Canada and Ukraine.

It is, however, expected to anger both the human rights groups that petitioned against it and Russia, which annexed Crimea in 2014 and has been accused of supporting separatist forces in eastern Ukraine.
One would think that these journalists might peruse a dictionary or thesaurus once in a while to find another word that accurately describes what happened in Crimea, but alas, that would contradict the 'evil Russian' narrative that Western governments have carefully cultivated for so long.

Officially anyway, Canada and the US have, up to this point, delivered only 'non-lethal' weapons to Ukraine (although the 10,000 dead Ukrainians in the breakaway republics of Luhansk and Donetsk may dispute that qualifier). It's worth noting that in green-lighting the sale of heavy (and definitely lethal) weaponry to Kiev, it is Trudeau, and not Trump, who has crossed the threshold first. Judging by the steady trickle of news reports citing 'anonymous US National Security Council sources', Trump has been incessantly badgered by his advisors over the last few months to send Kiev whatever it wants, but still their proposal remains unsigned on his desk.

In addition to this recent announcement to begin selling weapons of war to Ukraine, last year the Canadian government inked a deal to sell $15 billion dollars' worth of combat military vehicles to Saudi Arabia - also currently killing its own people - making Canada the second-biggest arms dealer in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia, a notorious exporter of terrorism, is engaged in an ongoing genocide in Yemen, and has been described as "the worst of the worst" as regards respecting human rights.

One need only look at how the Saudi regime treats its women and the LGBTQ+ minority inside the country to get an idea of how 'progressive' they truly are.

That Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can endlessly spout meaningless platitudes about "peace, acceptance and tolerance", and at the same time knowingly arm murderous regimes with weapons of war is an astonishing display of ignorance, mendacity and hypocrisy, and is testament to the fact that, for this leader, 'actions speak louder than words.'

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