John/Tony Podesta
Tony and John Podesta are facing criminal indictments linked to the ongoing Russian probe, according to sources, which explains why they're shutting down the Podesta Group, one of Washington's most prominent lobbying groups.

Sources tell Infowars that Tony Podesta in particular was told to prepare for indictments because Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller's entire case against former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort goes through Podesta, and evidence suggests that Podesta has done everything Manafort is accused of doing, if not more.

"The Podestas might be used as sacrificial lambs for the Democratic Party," radio host Alex Jones said, who was briefed by sources close to the matter.

The Podesta Group is entangled in Mueller's investigation after it was revealed that the lobbying firm was recruited for public relations work in Ukraine by Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, both of whom were accused by Mueller last month of violating foreign lobbying law.

Comment: Ironically, they were probably only doing the CIA's bidding: Was Manafort a CIA agent in Ukraine? Russian newsman says he had to be (video)

Still reeling from the loss of the White House, the Democratic establishment is also trying to separate the Democratic Party brand from the Clintons and their close allies which, naturally, would include John Podesta, the former campaign chair for Hillary's failed 2016 presidential bid.

"More and more evidence shows the Democrats are turning against the Clintons, who were once thought invincible but are now on the chopping block as the party realizes they're destroying the brand and thus must be removed," Jones added. "We may not just only witness the fall of the Podestas but the Clintons as well."

Kimberly Fritts, who was the Podesta Group's CEO before she quit unexpectedly Friday, said the lobbying firm will be shut down by the end of the year, adding that employees may not be paid after November 15.

Infowars host Roger Stone predicted the Podestas' downfall weeks ago, and Infowars also correctly predicted the power elites would sacrifice the Clintons to savage the globalist agenda implemented by the Democratic Party.

"You'll notice [John Podesta's] brother was forced to step down from their extremely lucrative influence-peddling operations in Washington D.C." Stone said on The Alex Jones Show. "I think [John Podesta's] becoming unhinged because they are getting exposed. Their whole carefully constructed Russia narrative is falling apart before their very eyes."

Tony Podesta, who at one time was Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff, first stepped down as chief executive of Podesta Group last month after Mueller had begun investigating him.

And as mentioned, Fritts then unexpectedly quit as CEO of the Podesta Group on Friday to start her own lobbying firm.

The Podestas are so desperate to avoid charges that Tony's lawyer sent Fox host Tucker Carlson a cease-and-desist for reporting on the Podesta Group's ties to Manafort.

The impending closing of the Podesta Group marks the downfall of one of Washington's most influential lobbying firms of the last 30 years and signals the continuing collapse of the Russia/Trump narrative peddled by the Clinton camp who were simply projecting.