Mandalay Bay shooting
The biggest mass shooting in modern American history. One shooter, 59 dead, almost 500 injured. No warning signs. No discernible motive. The shooter, Stephen Paddock, is a cipher. As if that ambiguity wasn't enough, even the basic facts were quickly thrown into question and contradicted by numerous eyewitness accounts and footage. What the media has reported from the very beginning has been only a fraction of what happened. Multiple shooters, multiple events at multiple hotels. Now there is evidence that Paddock might not have been alone in his hotel room in the days before the shooting. You'd think this could all be clarified quickly using the hotel's surveillance footage. Apparently not.

Today on the Behind the Headlines we'll be analyzing what we know about the mass shooting at Mandalay Bay hotel and casino in Las Vegas - and what you're not hearing from local law enforcement, the Feds, and the mainstream media.

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