Stephen Cohen
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Professori Stephen Cohen.

Stephen Cohen questions unproven allegations that Putin 'stole' the election for Trump, as grave new Cold War dangers reach a pinnacle.

Stephen Cohen is an American scholar and professor emeritus of Russian studies at Princeton University and New York University.

He is one of the few analysts in the United States who understands Russia and its foreign policy objectives, and we must give Tucker Carlson credit, where credit is due, for being one of the few prime time commentators to listen to Cohen's views on Russia.

Cohen has been demonized as a Kremlin stooge by neocons, Obama liberals, and the main stream media, in their quest to ramp up a Cold War hysteria.

The full interview is below, and is a must watch. Cohen notes...
"I'll go one step farther and say (maybe to horror or shock of some of your viewers) that Vladimir Putin is potentially America's most essential, valuable security partner."
Such statements of logic will not go over well with many of the war hawk types at Fox News.