Trump Clinton masks

You know that candidates will say anything to get elected, right?
As a reasonably 'awake' person, you would be forgiven for burying your head in the sand and wishing for the unfortunate freak show that is the current US election to end by way of an accommodating giant meteor. 13% of Americans feel exactly that way. Is that, perhaps, a good indicator of the percentage of Americans who are not lost in the bogus left-right political paradigm?

You would also be forgiven for getting too swept up in the fight against either camp, as many 'awake' people have, because there is no shortage of ammo in this battle for those on either side to use.

But if you manage to take a step back, breathe deeply and try to look at this situation objectively, a couple of unavoidable questions surface: "Why are these two freaks America's only choices? Could a population of 320 million really not produce better candidates than this?"

If you know a little about how the world actually works, then you'll know that few things happen by accident, especially in politics. A lot of things are planned by an entrenched elite that 'wins' either way. We're talking Old Money, long-time Washington power-brokers, the revolving-door system from government to top corporations and banks, think-tanks, the military-industrial complex and back into government again. In short, the Deep State, aka the 'Powers That Be' (PTB).

Despite the PTB's recent blunders - such as Brexit, the failed Turkish Coup and the failing US-led regime change operation in Syria - they still exert a great deal of control, especially over goings-on in the USA. Their chief means of keeping and maintaining power is through chaos - or more specifically, divide-and-conquer.

When the PTB sense that they are losing their power, even just a little of it, they always resort to what they like to call 'controlled chaos'. They've been doing this quite a lot recently in response to being repeatedly outmaneuvered by Russia. When you're an evil ruler of whatever ideological stripe and finding it increasingly difficult to hide the fact that your subjects' quality of life is rapidly deteriorating because the 'trickle-down' empire you built for them is crumbling, your usual go-to strategy is to encourage the people to fight amongst themselves in an effort to stave off the moment when they realize the real problem is their evil rulers.

Creating the situation where two presidential candidates are duking it out on live TV is one example of this distraction strategy.

While you may be lamenting the fact that it has come to this, and wondering why the 'greatest democracy on earth' could not dig up two more likeable candidates, the truth is that Trump and Killary are perfect representations of the decrepit and corrupt nature of the US politics. And the fact that these two neerdowells can so easily divide the US population against itself rather than unite them against the debauchery of the elite points to a woeful level of ignorance among the American people.

In the eyes of the left, Trump is the ultimate Right Wing Bad Guy. He's racist, homophobic, against Muslims, extremely inflammatory in speech, anti-immigration and anti-abortion. He's a rich white man, openly sexist and possibly a rapist - the Patriarchy personified. He is coming to get you and all your brown and Muslim friends with no trigger warnings, and no safe spaces!

In the eyes of the right, Hillary is the opposite. She is a woman. She is for all the social welfare and liberal values that the Right so detest. She is (at least publicly) pro gay marriage. But most of all, she's gonna open the borders and let the foreign horde flood in, because she's an agent of the Muslims. She has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, and the ultimate agenda is to destroy white people and usher in worldwide Sharia Law.

Of course, the right have it backwards, and the Left have it upside down. Both camps are 'not even wrong'. But we can see how this is masterfully set up to incite maximum amounts of chaos and infighting among the US population. Read enough news and you might conclude that the US is on the verge of a civil war, and you may be right.

With so many mass shootings in the last 10 years, growing police brutality and the never-ending war of terror, things are certainly not looking good.

If there's a silver lining to all this, it's that American Democracy is being shown up for the ugly, despicable farce that it really is. Thanks to the rabid assaults from both camps, and added fuel from the WikiLeaks and Project Veritas disclosures, we can glean much truth about 'the man behind the curtain'. Better yet, he's on display for all the world to see, if they will only open their eyes.

The horrifying inner workings of the US Empire are being exposed. In the US itself, a significant number of people are so sick of so-called 'Democracy' that they are gathering in large numbers to support Trump, of all people - even when all, or most, of their authority figures in the media tell them not to.

What the Trump vs Clinton saga signifies most is that the American Mask of Sanity is slipping fast. It is slipping away along with the American military empire, and the 'American way of life' (living high on the hog at others' expense). Perhaps a new world awaits us on the other side. For now, though, we are in for a rough ride, so hold on tight.