Oliver Stone
© RIA Novosti. Grigoriy Sisoev
US film director, screenwriter and producer Oliver Stone told RIA Novosti that he would like to shoot a documentary about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"I would like to make a documentary [about Putin]," the director told RIA Novosti in an interview Thursday.

He stressed that he does not plan to shoot a feature film, but would rather do an interview with the Russian president.

"We had no plans to make a movie [a scripted feature] on Putin. I would love to do an interview with him... because he represents a different point of view that Americans don't hear," Stone said.

Stone arrived in Moscow to meet with former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, who has been granted a three-year residence permit in Russia, to discuss an upcoming film about the famous whistleblower.

Earlier this summer, Snowden's lawyer Anatoly Kucherena said the psycho-political thriller he wrote, Time of the Octopus, was about his client.

Comment: As reported on RT:
The Kremlin is "aware of Stone's desire to make a film," Presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said. In fact, Stone and Putin met in person on November 4 at a remembrance event of Russian actor and director Vasily Shukshin.