Chelyabinsk Meteor
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In this frame grab made from a dashboard video camera, a meteor streaks through the sky over Chelyabinsk, Russia, Friday, Feb. 15, 2013.

A massive fireball seen streaking across the sky Monday night may have been part of the Perseid meteor shower.

People across B.C.'s Lower Mainland took to social media describing what they thought may have been a meteor around 10:15 p.m.

Witnesses described seeing a white or yellow light trailing through the sky, so bright that it lit up backyards and streets.

Although the meteor showers officially peaked last week, the event does run through Aug. 24th, so it's possible it was part of the annual astronomical event.

Almost a dozen people between Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, all the way to Bellingham, Washington to the south reported the sighting on the American Meteor Shower website.

"I have seen shooting stars, but this was huge," a Washington State user named Shanni reported.

"I told my husband it was like seeing something half the size of the moon fall. And it was slow enough for me to catch sight of it and then cognitively register so that I could get a better look. I kept waiting for a huge explosion as if a plane had gone down."

The District of North Vancouver said its fire department was checking into a report that the meteor was seen at Mount Seymour.
Most impressive #meteor in the sky just east of Vancouver 15 minutes ago. Never seen anything like it. Hope it doesn't destroy Prince Rupert

- Paul Doroshenko (@PaulDoroshenko) August 19, 2014
Just saw a #meteor burn up in the sky outside my window. Cool! #NewWestminster #Vancouver

- Mar Tin (@MartiSphere) August 19, 2014
Crazy bright #meteor over #Vancouver. Lit up the whole backyard! Broke apart heading north west. Sonic boom a bit later.

- Yarko Petriw (@RiskAce) August 19, 2014
It's not every night #vancouver is treated to a spectacular #meteor streaking across the sky. Followed by a 'boom'. Truly AWESOME sight!!!

- Cheryl Smith (@CherylSmithWV) August 19, 2014
just saw a crazy light fall out of the sky. looked like a cross between a firework and a meteor burning up on reentry #Vancouver #Meteor

- Nicholas Alan Eddy (@eddynick_eddy) August 19, 2014