While the IDF is ignoring allegations that it targets civilian homes (because it is obvious that they are) IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said it uses phone calls and "drops empty shells on roofs" - what it calls "roof knocking" - to warn civilians that air strikes are imminent.

Speaking to US media recently, Learner said that "in one case, members of a family returned to a house in Gaza shortly after having been warned to evacuate it and they were caught in the air strike."

Silly Palestinians. I mean, surely 60 seconds is more than enough for anyone to gather the children, grandparents, pack all important items and leave your house and be at a safe distance before a massive bomb blows it to pieces?! Israel has to 'defend itself' in this way after all, and Palestinians should understand that and not be so stupid as to return to their houses after they receive the neighborly warning that its time to leave!

Check out the "empty shell" that the IDF dropped on this Palestinian home a few days ago to warn the civilians inside that their home would be obliterated 60 seconds later.

This is terrorism by ANY definition of the word.