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Switzerland/Italy/France meteor, approx. 22:00, 13 March 2014 received several reports of this meteor event from eyewitnesses in southern France and Switzerland. In addition, the following security camera video footage confirms the time reported by the eyewitnesses.

As seen from southern France, filmed over St Laurent du var (next to Cannes) at 10pm:

As seen from northern Italy, captured by Mario Garberi, Associazione Astrofili Bisalta:

Eyewitness reports

I'm writing to inform you that I saw something 'fall from the sky' this Thursday 13th of March around 10pm.

I was watching TV when I noticed a large ball of light moving quite fast in the sky. I understood right away that it was unlike anything I'd ever seen before (planes, shooting stars, helicopters, etc.)

I got up to move closer to the window but at that moment the fireball's brightness intensified then disappeared. So I looked online to see if anything was reported about it, but haven't found anything so far.

Cyril, France

While out driving with my husband, we saw a fast-moving and fragmenting ball of fire that was orange and green. Pretty impressive! It happened around 10pm on March 13th 2014.

Jo, nr. Montpelier, France

This evening I saw a huge ball of fire passing through the sky. It came from the East and continued in a westerly direction. I've never seen anything as big and bright, at least as bright as the Moon.

Nathalie, nr. Lausanne, Switzerland