'The Brain Drain'
On May 13, in "Piezopoli, Italian thriller", we announced the discovery of a new form of energy extracted by fragmentation of stones and the transmutation of nuclear waste. To design and build a reactor capable of exploiting this energy, only one billion euros of public or private funds was needed. Today we are pleased to announce that the reactor is on sale thanks to the generosity of Francesco Fucilla, an industrialist head of a conglomerate, on which, as in the case of the Empire of Charles V, the sun never sets. This is because you can, by and large, find this particular empire only on the Internet.

The activities of the philanthropist - something of a Pico della Mirandola, i.e. 'shy and reserved' - include publications, awards, medals and degrees to honor scientists, partners and relatives whose creativity is a source of revolutionary innovations. With the participation of celebrated Italian researchers, or those who soon hope to be , Fucilla's group develops products that solve the problems of mankind. Based on resolutely 'alternative' scientific theories, these products include those that guarantee food security, multiply energy resources and treat almost every disease, known and unknown. The following is a brief world-view of the multinational Fucilla & Co., beginning with his 'man Friday', who is perhaps already familiar to some readers.

Man Friday

In May, during a hearing at a trial in Rome dealing with a case of aggravated fraud against La Sapienza University, Vincent Valenzi acknowledged that he was "paid for a course that he wasn't teaching." Which makes him laugh: as "part of the underclass who's working free for years in a row," he considers himself "a university loser."

He's too humble. His C.V. (in summation) portrays him as a powerful and versatile Baron. Graduated in medicine, cosmo-astrobiologist, quantum physicist, philosopher of science and so on, in Rome he is the coordinator and founder of the Center for Studies of Biometeorology. In Chieti, he's scientific director of the Specialization School in bio-integrate medicine at the local university. In Bellinzona, he's Vice Rector of the Free University of Human Sciences and Neuroscience owned by the psychoanalyst Orlando Del Don. In Lugano, he's director of the Institute of Biometeorology and Space Medicine at the Free University of Human Sciences and Technology, in Paris, he's scientific director of the company DigiBio, and so on.

And last, but not least, in London he's the director of the Department of Biological Sciences of the Telesio-Galilei Academy of Science.

The Telesio-Galilei Academy of Science is another 'humble' organisation, just like everyone and everything that we deal with in the rest of this article. Based in an apartment in Bellinzona, home of the University of the aforementioned psychoanalyst [Orlando del Don] and adjacent to his studio, the Telesio-Galilei Academy of Science counts 149 ordinary members, sometimes without their knowledge, 27 honorary members, and a board of five people and two legal advisors. "With no economic interests", the Telesio-Galilei Academy of Science wants to "improve science" by spreading "views of any kind into the scientific community". It is "not interested in supporting only one [view] because it is commonly believed as true."

The Founding Father

The Telesio-Galilei Academy of Science was created in 2007 by Francesco Fucilla, a man in his sixties, from Cosenza. "Geophysicist, philosopher, oil-man, financier, film producer", "one of the greatest living Italian Renaissance geniuses" according to an entry he wrote himself on Wikipedia. Every year, the Telesio-Galilei Academy of Science distributes present and absentee prizes during intimate ceremonies, the sobriety of which is compensated by means of poorly-made videos on You Tube. In addition to Dr. Valenzi, the geneticist Luigi Luca Cavalli Sforza, the physicist Nicola Cabibbo (post mortem), the French philosopher Luc Ferry, famous for refusing to return the salary to the university where "official and ministerial duties" had prevented him from actually teaching for 14 years, were all awarded Telesio-Galilei Academy of Science medals.

Other founding members of the Telesio-Galilei Academy of Science include Gianni degli Antoni, a former professor of computer science at the University of Milan and Roberto Mignani, physicist at the University of Rome-3 and inventor, together with Fabio Cardone, of a piezo-nuclear reactor transmuting radioactive waste into clean energy. (However, Cavalli-Sforza contributes only symbolically to "improve science" in the Fucilla conglomerate, and he's not even a member of the Institute for Theoretical Physics and Advanced Mathematics at Prato, a subsidiary of The Telesio-Galilei Academy of Science that, from 2011 on, has been awarding prizes, honorary degrees and video presentations.)

Scientific Papers

To better "spread the views of all kinds in the scientific community," the vice president of The Telesio-Galilei Academy of Science and president of its Prato subsidiary, Christian Corda, (who is also "Honorary Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Institute for Basic Research" in Florida, and "Co-President of the Inter-University Centre of Life and Environment Engineering in Bellinzona" where he is a colleague of Dr. Valenzi) directs The Open Astronomy Journal, Bentham Science Image United Arab Emirates, and The International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences in Hindawi, Egypt.

The first journal is famous, among other things, for an edition regarded as being "crackpot" by connoisseurs, although the editorial for that issue was written by a member of Scientific Committee: Jeremy Dunning-Davies, who is also president of The Telesio-Galilei Academy of Science and business partner of the "founding father" Francesco Fucilla. The other journal is also part of a publishing firm that recently The Scientist Magazine called "predatory" and a little lacking in quality, because the publisher often asks authors to cite articles that have been published in the very same magazine. This tactic is used to increase the citation index of the published scientists, which falsely adds credibility to their supposed authority.

The reign of Francis the Magnificent

The Telesio-Galilei Academy of Science is the non-profit organization amongst a flurry of companies involved in energy, health, computers, gold mines and uranium, real estate brokerage with the Emirates, water-cars or 'terraforming' plant steroids, and that seek funding (see attachment) for high-tech applications that support the "points of view" of academics with CVs that rival Valenzi's.

In the energy arena, for example, Fucilla companies include holdings like 'Global Energy Technology Plc', 'Wharf Resources Plc', 'Dome Petroleum Plc', 'Jurassica Plc', 'Yellow Energy Plc' (yellow stands for "yellow cake"), all located in a 'rent by the hour' business center in Croydon, UK. Here, Fucilla's 'Steriwave-Startec Ltd' works with the academics Roberto Mignani and Fabio Cardone on the development of their own 'piezo-nuclear reactor'.

Unfortunately, in February 2012, "the Italian partner" - Startec Brugherio - "was not delivering as agreed" and the project passed to 'Hilsonic a manufacturer of ultra-sonic cleaning machines'. In March, the "developing reactor" was already built by Steriwave Hungary and Hilsonic, tested at Steriwave Startec and shipped to a subsidiary, GDT Tek Inc. located in a business center in Florida. (We are reminded of the "theory of warped space-time" by Mignani.)

Information technology and quantum medicine

Thanks to the academics and directors Gianguido Rizzotto and Gianni degli Antoni, Fucilla's 'Steriwave Quantum Computers' company, established in a pay-per-hour room in Croydon, UK, is developing a supercomputer, currently at the stage of having two youtube videos about it. While waiting for the patent, its joint venture Steriwave QC-Altimed "brings to the market the latest medical technology with a wide range of medical equipment developed by a group of highly qualified Doctors" (including Dr. Valenzi who's planning to experiment with his own equipment on patients at the Umberto Primo Clinic in Rome).

The 'Aqua Activator', for example, which ionizes tap water, is prescribed for "ophthalmology, gynecology, ENT, 'pneumology', dermatology and surgery." Or the 'Lanta Z', an "oscillating electromagnetic device that can treat a wide range of medical conditions caused by fungi, viruses, bacteria, 'worms', hormonal imbalances and blood pressure." By applying the device to the skin like soap, it "provides electrical stimulation that also reduces protozoa, neuralgia, cellulite and wrinkles".

The electrodes of the 'Therapy Helper' machine should be "held between the thumbs for 7 minutes" at 20 minute intervals and "2 or 3 times for a minimum of two hours", supposedly if the pathology is so acute that it distorts time [7 minutes at 20 minute intervals and 2 or 3 times for a minimum of two hours, is impossible]. His "exogenous bio-resonance therapy" eliminates pathogens (a broad range: from tapeworm to viruses, but also arthritis, burns, toothaches and headaches) along with their toxins and restores the "decline of protective forces of an organism". Assuming, of course, that we're not talking about the tapeworm.

On the 'ATM Helper BRT', for instance, more than a hundred diseases are listed: hepatitis A, B or C, menopause, venereal disease, impotence, mammary glands, hair loss, cancer cell "Update", cholesterol, diabetes, "Chakratherapiya "or kidney stones. After that, you no longer need to touch it: the therapy is effective even at a distance.

The Fucilla brothers

Francesco Fucilla's three sons appear to have inherited the business and the creativity genius. Anthony Fucilla, a former football player at Atletico Marbella, Spain, writes science fiction novels and take care of Tgas' documentaries. At another Fucilla company, You Ancestry Ltd, we see the typical rétro power point styled project used to produce a Cavalli Sforza-Fairbank Edwards project which claims to be, "the first video-integrated encyclopedia of the human race" made of "integrated maps of human migration and integrations of the last millennia. These maps will be used for a short video to show the great diversity and richness of our ancestral gene pool."

As of this writing, offers montages of images of the "40 most important scientists of all time," Karl Marx included, and videos to be ordered after the death of a loved on in which the gene pool of the deceased is illustrated by his family photos.

William Fucilla, the 'psychologist', studying in Bellinzona under psychoanalyst Del Don, is general counsel of Tgas. In the past decade, he worked along with his brother Robert at the Mansion House and other English 'Financial Securities' companies that were eventually fined and closed by the Financial Services Authority because they were aggressively selling 'penny stock' shares in their father's companies. Public funds are not enough to compensate for the £500 million pounds lost by investors, who can maybe get something back through accredited law firms.

Over recent years, it must be said, Robert Fucilla has also been an actor in Hollywood and London. After a life as a millionaire broker, he realized his dream and co-produced together with his brother William the movie The Big I Am (2010), in which he plays a young gangster who learns about life, and starred as one of the protagonists of the 'mockumentary' Pimp (2010 ) and Mercenaries (2011), another manly adventure in the Balkans. Encouraged by critical and box office failure, today the brothers are apparently working on Fields of Gold. Based on William's novel, it's a "love story" of a Aushwitz survivor who "brings the reader into the world of cinema." Like so many other Fucilla & Sons companies.