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Israel ranks among states perceived to have most negative influence on world, according to BBC poll; only Iran, Pakistan do worse, Israel's image hits nadir in Europe

Israel is ranked third among nations perceived as having a negative influence on the world, the BBC's annual poll shows, indicating further decline in the Jewish state's global image.

Only Iran and Pakistan did worse than Israel in the survey.

The poll, undertaken between December 2011 and February 2012, encompassed 24,090 respondents worldwide. Iran took the unflattering top spot, again, with 55% of respondents saying is has a negative influence on the world. Pakistan ranked second (51%), with Israel and North Korea tied for third place (50%).

Last year, 47% of poll respondents said Israel had a negative effect on the world.

According to the latest survey, only 21% of respondents view Israel's influence as mostly positive, the same figure as last year. A favorable change in the West was only recorded in the United States, with 50% of Americans saying they view Israel in a positive light, compared to 35% who said they view the Jewish state in a negative light.

Declining support in China, India

The US figures constitute the highest approval rating for Israel by Americans since the poll's initiation, in 2005. Two more nations with favorable attitudes towards Israel are Nigeria (54%) and Kenya (46%).

In post-revolution Egypt, 85% of respondents said they view Israel in a negative light, a 7% rise from last year. The Jewish state's situation is particularly grim in Europe, with 74% of Spaniards viewing Israel negatively. Negative attitudes were also recorded in France (65%), Germany (69%), Britain (68%), Australia (65%) and Canada (59%).

Support for Israel also declined in China, India and Russia.

According to the survey, the most beloved states in the world are Japan, Germany, Canada, Britain and China.