While police in the UK continue to make arrests of suspected Anonymous and LulzSec members, over on this side of the pond law enforcement groups don't seem to be faring as well.

First the group hit police agencies in Arizona, then they turned their attention to the police who patrol the Bay Area Rapid Transit system. Now, it seems cops in Texas are the target of the hacktivist group.

Anonymous is currently taking aim at the Texas police chiefs association. The site was defaced by hackers not once, but twice on Thursday. In addition to defacing the site, Anonymous also says it has obtained information from police systems.

The group posted the following message on the defaced web site:
"For every defendant in the anonymous "conspiracy" we are attacking two top Texas police chiefs, leaking 3GB of their private emails and attachments. Mind you, we don't expect a sane response. Even a few insults would have been better than the way you cowards hide behind protocol, innuendo, and your badge."
The attacks continue to focus on US law enforcement groups even as Met Police making arrests of Anonymous members in the UK. So why are US authorities still getting hacked? It could be the low-hanging fruit argument. There are more police groups in the US and more local and state agencies which are more likely to have poorly maintained servers and databases.

Or perhaps the arrests in the UK have skewed geography amongst those choosing the targets. With high-ranking members in the UK being chased by police, perhaps US members are now the only ones selecting the targets.

Either way, right now the men and women at Scotland Yard are looking far better than their American counterparts.