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The U.S. Transportation Security Administration is receiving a fingerprint system from Aware Inc. to supply employee prints to the FBI for background checks.

Aware, a global provider of imaging and biometrics software, said that under the contract it is supplying a commercial off-the-shelf system and associated installation support, training, and maintenance.

The solution will utilize Aware's Biometric Services Platform, a COTS, service-oriented biometric application server, to submit standard-compliant "EFTS" fingerprint records to the FBI for employee background checks and provide a user interface to view results and generate reports.

EFTS stands for FBI's Electronic Fingerprint Transmission Specification.

BioSP will perform various required workflows and functions associated with the background check process, including acceptance of records in EFTS format from TSA-approved collection agents, validation of the compliance of records being submitted, receipt and proper distribution of FBI responses and temporary storage of records during the background check process.

BioSP includes a browser-based user interface, which will be used by authorized personnel to view background check results, generate reports and other administrative tasks.

"BioSP is well-suited for this project, not only because it is truly a COTS product, but also because of its rich user interface, easy-to-configure workflows and advanced fingerprint processing capabilities," said Aware Vice President Rob Mungovan, vice president at Aware.

"We are pleased to be expanding our relationship with TSA and to have the opportunity to deploy BioSP at another U.S. federal government agency."

BioSP is a modular, secure, service-oriented biometric application server product. It offers a programmable workflow engine and several independent, a la carte software modules used for tasks such as image storage, transaction routing and management, fingerprint and facial image processing and quality checking, standards-compliant data formatting, biometric matching and enrollment data quality reporting.