Actor Hugh Grant has had a long-standing grudge match going with the Murdoch-owned tabloid The News of the World for some years.

In April of this year, Grant published an article in Britain's The New Statesman describing the tactics used by the British tabloid media and how each Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher has known that they can only be elected with the help and consent of Murdoch's NewsCorp, Inc. empire.

Grant had a run-in with former News of the World editor Paul McMullen in which he found out that the tabloid was listening in on his phone messages. As a retaliatory gesture, he made a visit to McMullen's pub with a recording device and got the editor on tape admitting to many of the paper's most dubious practices.

The two men met again on the BBC News Channel and while the discussion began cordially enough, it quickly escalated. Grant's parting shot to McMullen is not to be missed.