This is with reference to the recent acts of terrorism that have been perpetrated in Israel.

The first was the murder of a settler family and the other the bus bombing in Jerusalem. One has to wonder about the timing of these two supposedly unconnected events for which no Palestinian faction has taken responsibility and no suspects have been arrested. Although the Israeli government has accused Palestinian "terrorists" of being responsible, they have no proof or evidence to substantiate their claims.

Can these be false flag operations committed by the Israeli government, or Mossad to deflect attention from Israel's illegal settlements that are inviting mounting international condemnation? A globally isolated Israeli leadership is desperate to win some measure of sympathy from the world community. For a long time, the world was turning a blind eye to the Israeli crimes because of the Nazi crimes against the Jews. However, after Operation Cast Lead and the brutal attack on the Mavi Mara, world opinion has tilted in favor of the Palestinian cause.

One cannot rule out the possibility of the Israeli government resorting to some terror tactics to drum up worldwide sympathy. It is not the first time that Mossad has turned to terrorism to further the Israeli government's cause. And it would not be the last time either.