I'm seeing a lot of hoopla about 'voting', which is not surprising given that today is 'Voting Day'. But there are a few things about voting we should all acknowledge before we head off to the ballot box, or rather, the unaccountable electronic voting machine.

1.) Voting doesn't make a difference in state policy. A few prime examples of this are: the Wars in Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan; Invasion of Privacy (having our phone calls, emails, websites, forum posts, naked bodies scanned, recorded, and filed by alphabet agencies); universal support of the terrorist state of Israel - even after it kills American citizens, deliberately; Poor Food/Medicine Quality Control Standards; Bank Bailouts... etc.

2.) Voting can, and often is rigged. Take a few minutes and research these newfangled voting boxes... hackers have been able to alter the outcome of elections with a usb jump drive without violating the machines internal controls. Diebold is likely responsible for GWB getting reelected in 2004. Thinking that it doesn't happen locally is naive and ignorant.

3.) We live in neither a democracy nor a republic, and therefore your vote doesn't make a difference. While on paper, we're supposed to elect representatives to represent us, more often than not they represent themselves and uber-rich folks who donate large sums of money to their campaigns. There's also the strangle-hold AIPAC has on all branches of congress, insuring that Pro-Israeli sentiment is the status quo. How can we justify believing that we're a sovereign nation when another government from another country influences our state policy without our consent?

4.) Elections are bought. It's simple math really, when one guy can outspend another he can easily acquire more name recognition, he can also tar the other guy. More money = More ads, more staff, more TV time. Obama was outspending McCain 3:1 when it came to TV ads in the last few weeks of the 2008 Election.

These are just four things off the top of my head which really drive home the point that elections are nonsense. Not only are they nonsense - they serve to maintain an illusion that we still live in a free, democratic society.

Of course, there's also this:

You want your voice to matter? Protest, and Protest Often, in whatever way you think of that does not endanger you or your family. Take a camera or a video recorder and share your experience with the world. The mainstream media is clearly in bed with the government and will not broadcast or give airtime to any truly democratic expressions of free speech. By sharing your videos and pictures and stories you can have a real impact on others.

Blogging is also extremely useful. In a world where the corporate media owns the TV-brain-control box, we have the ability to stand up and say 'No, that's not the real story'. We can draw facts from other news clips here and there, and craft the story as we see it.

Clean up your diet, cut out wheat, milk, sugar and artificial sweeteners. You might be thinking, 'Brent you're nuts, what does my diet have to do with changing the world?' - In a word, Everything. Your diet determines what chemicals are floating around in your blood, those chemicals have a scientifically-proven influence on your behavior, your mood, your ability to respond to sensory stimulus. It can determine whether or not you can decipher clever lies in the media or be totally engulfed by them, whether you will accept autocratic fascist 'security' protocols or whether you have the clarity to stand up and say 'Hell No!'

Network. Talk to other people of a similar mindset. It takes a group to slay a dragon, and don't be deceived, what stands before us is the largest, scariest, fire-breathing monster in the history of our planet. If we don't unite we don't stand a chance.

Lastly, and I really want to emphasize this point, try to empathize with your fellow human beings. Don't let our psychopathic rulers twist the facts and blame this group or that group. It isn't about Gays versus Straights, its not about Men versus Women, Black versus Whites, Christians versus Muslims or even Republicans versus Democrats... these phony dialectics, these Machiavellian categories serve one purpose - to divide, to separate, to keep us hating one another instead of loving each other. The only divide that matters, the only real difference between humans is those with Conscience vs those without. Can you stand by and watch someone be tortured, killed, raped or will you stand up and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

"The future's not set, there is no fate but what we make for ourselves."