Climate change sceptics have been compared to those who denied the link between smoking and cancer or HIV and Aids by Government environmental adviser Lord Stern.

Lord Stern UK
© EPALord Stern warned if nothing is done to keep emissions low, temperatures may rise by up to six degrees with catastrophic consquences.

The respected economist first highlighted the social and economic costs of global warming in his 2006 report for the UK Government the Stern Review.

Now in a new book, the World Bank's former chief economist has warned the science he based his predictions on is out of date. He said levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are already at 430 parts per million (ppm) and the world has "probably missed the chance" of keeping emissions below 450 ppm.

This means temperatures are likely to rise by at least two degrees Celsius by the end of the century - even if measures are taken to keep the levels of carbon dioxide below 500 ppm - causing a rise in sea levels, greater frequency of storms and a "high chance that the rainforests will collapse".

Comment: The World Bank? Chief economist? Selling books on global warming? And the above paragraph beginning with: This means? This article by The Telegraph comes close to stooping to an all time low for lies and self serving propaganda.

The global warming propagandists are rapidly becoming the global cooling deniers. The level of desperation in their voices and outright spreading of lies via the media demonstrates a total disconnect from reality. The planetary temperature has held steady for almost a decade and even cooled in the last couple of years. Antarctic ice has been growing for decades and continues to grow. The sun has gone ominously quiet. The Average Planetary Magnetic index has been going downward for four years and the exposure of the Earth to cosmic rays has consequently increased in that same period. The evidence goes on and on. Why do the media giants such as The Telegraph want to hide the truth of what is going on out there?

What is it that they want to keep us from learning about?

If nothing is done to keep emissions low, he warned that temperatures may rise by up to six degrees with catastrophic consquences.

Lord Stern warned that Florida and Bangladesh could disappear, alligators could survive at the North Pole and millions of people would have to migrate.

"The location of many species, including humans, would be radically different and many would not survive," he added.

Lord Stern, who is to launch his book - A Blueprint for a Safer Planet - at a public lecture at LSE on Tuesday, said in the face of such evidence those who continue to deny climate change are "ignorant and reckless."

"The greenhouse effect is simple and sound science: greenhouse gases trap heat, and humans are emitting more greenhouse gases. There will be oscillations, there will be uncertainties. But the logic of the greenhouse effect is rock solid and the long-term trends associated with the effects of human emissions are clear in the data," he writes.

Comment: The Telegraph is coming off as "reckless and ignorant" for writing this article. "Florida and Bangladesh could disappear"? This is extreme fear mongering based on lies.

And "The greenhouse effect is simple and sound science", is complete nonsense. It is just propagation of more lies.

Here are just a few of dozens of links on CO2 research:

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"The arguments from those who deny the science look more and more like those who denied the association between HIV and Aids or smoking and cancer."

Comment: The climate realists, the researchers with an objective view of reality (the skeptics, the ones who dare ask questions and examine the evidence themselves), have been called Nazis and equated to holocaust deniers. It has been suggested that they are criminals and should be jailed and now they are equated to those who deny the link between HIV and AIDS. The desperation in the global warming camp is getting worse and worse. What happens if (when) the global warming propagandists are completely and utterly wrong and millions of people die from freezing and food shortage because of their self serving mindlessness?

A person has to wonder why it is that the global warming projectors persist and are becoming even more derogatory when with each passing day the evidence comes flooding in that they are wrong! Is it just distraction? Is it just more evidence of global ponerization and psychological deficiency in those who would lead and control us? Whatever the reason, the transparency of the lies is becoming more apparent to more people all the time.

Perhaps that is the reason for the heightened desperation, the loss of control over people who are deciding to think for themselves.

However, despite the gloomy predictions in the book, Lord Stern's overall argument is one of optimism. He argues that the world should cut emissions by 80 per cent by 2050 and make the world a cleaner, quieter, more biodiverse and safer place by investing just one per cent of GDP into transforming how we use and make electricity, travel and live.

"These huge risks can be reduced drastically at reasonable cost, but only if we act together and follow clear and well-structured policies starting now.

"The cost of action is much lower than the cost of inaction - in other words, delay would become the anti-growth strategy. The low-carbon world we must and can create will be much more attractive than business as usual. Not only will growth be sustained, it will be cleaner, safer, quieter and more biodiverse."