Early risers might have seen a rainbow-like light dash across the the sky Tuesday morning.

At about 6:30 a.m., Andy Topma was parked outside his workplace at 4770 94th Ave., sipping coffee, when he noticed a bright green flash outside his left car window.

"It was screaming along the sky," Topma said. "As it went farther away, it actually started to change colour. It looked like it was changing to a yellow or red or orange."

From where I was sitting, it looked like it might have hit the ground."

Although he said it only lasted about two seconds - "It happened so fast, it was unbelievable" - he said anybody glancing in the right direction, southeast, would have seen it.

"It was confirmed. There was a bright object, a fireball most likely," said Frank Florian, director of space sciences at Telus World of Science. "Unfortunately it happened early this morning, so not too many people saw it, unlike the one that fell in Saskatchewan in November around 5:30 p.m."

More fireballs are spotted in the spring than any other time of year, Florian said. Although he could not pinpoint the reason, he said the Earth might just be annually passing through an area flush with orbiting material.