There has been another possible sighting of the fabled Beast of the Bay in Sleights. A large paw print was found in the snow in Eskdaleside by a local resident who had gone for a walk.

John Bradley (87) saw the print outside his home recently and instantly knew it was too big to belong to a cat or a dog.

This is not Mr Bradley's first encounter with the beast, having seen the large black cat last year, he said. This time he had gone out and seen the prints in fresh snow.

He said: "It looked like it had been walking around in the field outside our house although I don't know how it was able to get over the fence.

"The prints were quite large.

"Last year I saw a large black cat like creature walking in the fields."

On a related note, The Big Cats in Britain group is holding its third annual conference at the Marton Country Club in Middlesbrough.

Investigators from around the British Isles and Ireland will be attending the meeting on the weekend of 20-22 March.

The sightings of the beast in and around the Whitby area will be used as evidence of big cat activity in the UK.

Source: Whitby Gazette Tuesday