7:58 p.m. A pair of mild eruptions hit Mt. Bulusan, a volcano in Sorsagon Province, which is part of the Bicol Region on Luzon Island. Relief and disaster teams report that an estimated 10,000 people are affected by clouds of ash. Some residents were reported to have suffered breathing problems, from the effects of thick, sulfur-laden ash and were hospitalized.

Local officials in Bulusan town, which sits at the foot of the volcano of the same name, are currently cleaning up after the ash plume collapsed into 16 villages. Mt. Bulusan is 200 miles south of Manila. There have been no reports so far of fatalities.

The report of the National Disaster Coordinating Agency says 16 'barangays' or small villages were hard hit by ash fall. The area around the volcano has been subject to ongoing alerts and is a permanent danger zone.

Mt. Bulusan, has been active with ash eruptions or emissions since 2005. Most of the residents have been evacuated from the 16 small villages that have been directly affected in the region.

A international aviation alert has also been issued to aircraft flying from the western pacific to avoid the Sorsogon Peninsula in South Eastern Luzon.

PNC International is monitoring developments and will provide more details as they become available. - PNC International