A freak Southern California storm trapped dozens of cars in lava-like mud and delayed an LA Angels of Anaheim game for the first time.

"A mud slide will really screw up your plans," said Mark Skully, a Sunland resident whose truck became trapped Saturday when mud and debris oozed onto the road at a stop light.

A mudslide triggered by a sudden cloudburst Saturday caused a hillside near Griffith Park to collapse, trapping as many as 14 cars in mud.

The downpour delayed the Angels' game against the Seattle Mariners for nearly an hour in the first delay at Angels Stadium since opening day in 1988, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday.

There were dozens of reports of trapped cars, including near Griffith Park, where mud and debris overflowed Forest Lawn Drive and trapped 14 parked vehicles.

Numerous funnel clouds reported in Southern California.

The rare storm, the product of a low-pressure system known as an "orphan," likely contributed to three fatal traffic accidents which killed five people, the Times reported.

Public health officials warned against swimming in the ocean until Tuesday night after the storm flooded coastal drains with polluted runoff water, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday.