UFO sighting over Dumfriesshire village

A tiny Dumfriesshire village is at the centre of a UFO mystery.

A woman from Tinwald near Dumfries claims to have seen a tubular shaped object hovering in the sky on her way home last Thursday.

She was driving along Kirk Brae from the A701 at around 8pm when the object swooped down above her car.

As she slowed down to have a closer look, the UFO stopped within three metres of her car before darting off at "lightening speed".

The mother, who asked not to be named, told the Standard: "It was a dark tube-shaped object with a sharp beaming light on the end of it.

"It appeared in front of my car but the most eerie thing was that it was really quiet, there was not a sound off it."

She said it stopped above her, halfway along the road before the entrance to Tinwald Manse.

"It was like nothing I have ever seen before," she said.

"I was surprised, but I wasn't scared.

"In fact, I don't think I had time to be scared, it all happened so quickly.

"It was a clear night and it was definitely a UFO, that is the only way I could describe it."

The woman reported the incident at Dumfries police station.

She said police told her they had similar reports recently including one which resulted in a search of the Lochar Moss area.

Yesterday, police officials were unable to trace UFO reports but pointed to an incident on January 12.

Then, two RAF helicopters were called out after sightings of a "fireball" in the sky.

Police and the RAF checked the area after fears that an aircraft could be on fire.

But the reports were later blamed on Comet McNaught which the MET office claimed was visible at the time.

But the Tinwald woman added: "I know what I saw.

"I looked on the internet and there have been similar sightings to mine all around the world with similar accounts.

"I would definitely like to see it again, the next time I will make sure I have my camera with me."