David Hinde was traveling from a musical theatre group in Malton to his home in Bempton when he saw what he believes could be a UFO.

"As I approached the Dotterel junction at about 10.45pm I could see in the distance, on the right-hand side, two glowing spherical objects, orange and red.

"I continued watching them and they were moving independently, diagonally, up and down and sideways, both quite close together.

"I pulled up just before Buckton and got out of the car and watched them for five or 10 minutes.

"It looked like they were at the back of the Honeypot Inn. They were distant but I could still see how they were moving.

"They didn't look like an aircraft I've seen before. The movements were too irrational compared to planes. I thought it was strange," said Mr Hinde, 50.

He tried to think of a rational explanation for what he had seen but nothing seemed to fit the bill. "I've always been interested in things like this and I have seen TV programmes but I've got no specific interest. I'm just intrigued.

"You hear from time to time that Filey Bay is supposed to be a hot spot but I have never seen anything before.

"It was a very clear sky last Tuesday and you could see the stars but you don't usually see something glowing orange and red," added Mr Hinde.

And his sighting has been backed up by a similar claim by a teenager from the Whitby area.

He saw something similar the night before Mr Hinde's observation.

Steven Dye, 18, who lives in Staithes, said he saw the phenomenon as he was driving at around 8pm last Monday.

He said: "I saw something floating in between Staithes and Hinderwell from where I was looking.

"It had about eight lights, red and orange coloured, and it just stayed in the same place for about 10 or 20 seconds before fading away.

"It is the first time I have seen something like that. I told my mam and we went back down there later on but there was nothing there."