I'm pretty sure no one was as unsurprised as I when two Fox news employees were kidnapped in Gaza 10 days ago, 'coincidentally' right after the Israeli-Hizb'allah 'ceasefire'. Israel and America's dog and pony terror show must go on after all, and 'ceasefire' is a dangerous word when your goal is perpetual war. Use the word "ceasefire", and before you can say "nuke Iran" the damn bleeding heart pinko commies are talking about "Middle East peace".

In order to secure American and Israeli interests therefore, and to stay the hysterical peacemongering of such liberal types (one and the same thing), there's nothing quite like a well-timed abduction of Western citizens to reaffirm the irrefutable 'fact' that all Arabs "hate us because of our freedoms".

And so it was that the Fox News van of Cameraman Olaf Wiig, from New Zealand, and correspondent Steve Centanni, an American, was stopped at gun point by 'Arab terrorists' in Gaza on August 14th and the two men whisked away to an unknown location.

Nothing was heard from the men or their captors until yesterday when my unsurpise reached new and dizzying heights as a "previously unknown group" calling itself "Holy Jihad Brigades" released a video of the two men and made their demands.

Now I know what you are thinking: just where did this "holy Jihad brigades" come from? Well, they are the same outfit as "al-Qaeda in Iraq", "al-Qaeda in the UK" "al-Qaeda in Spain" "the al-Qaeda group for Jihad in Europe", "the Jihad Brigades of holiness" "the holy Brigades of Jihadiness" "the holy moly brigades of Islamic Islaminess", "the al-Qaeda group for holy hullabaloo in America" "the Palestinian Jihadi group for Holy Jihad in Jihadilandia" and of course, who could forget "Allah's Holy shi'ite Islamic army of Mohammed for Holy Islamic Jihad against the unholy infidel pigs."

In short, they don't exist, except in the twisted imaginations of Israeli, American and British intelligence agents.

In keeping with the idea that this particular Palestinan group does not actually exist, Hamas, Abbas and every other known Palestinan grouping denied any involvement and indeed condemned the kidnapping, with Haled Abu Hilal, Hamas interior ministry spokesman saying "this is not acceptable at all" and stating that Hamas security officials have put police across Gaza on alert and set up roadblocks to find the gunmen and free the reporters. Sadly, to no avail.

Furthermore, it is generally agreed that the type of language used in the statement by the kidnappers and their references to the Quran differed from the usually terse demands issued by other Palestinian groups and was more similar to those of al-Qaida and Jihadist Web sites.

So exactly what are these would-be Palestinans militants demanding? In their own words:
"We demand the release of the Muslim prisoners, males and females, in the prisons of America, in exchange of our prisoners. We will give you 72 hours starting noon today to look into this, and if you meet our demands, we will deliver on our promise, otherwise, wait and see, and we will wait with you until the order comes from God."
A point to note: When masquerading as Arab terrorists and staging the kidnap of Western citizens, it is essential to make demands that are very vague and more or less impossible to meet. For example, you could demand that America release all Muslims prisoners from its jails. The logic, of course, is that by making such demands you ensure that the only possible outcome is that you are 'forced' kill the captives (ideally in a gruesome way) when your impossible demands are not met and as a result, the further demonization of legitimate Arab resistance groups as crazed bloodthirsty terrorists is assured.

Of course, you are now thinking to yourself, well, ok, so it is pretty clear that such abductions play directly into the hands of the American and Israeli government's agenda to portray Arabs as evil terrorists in the minds of Western peoples, but if we are not dealing with any real Palestinan or Arab group, then who are we dealing with? Then you think about it for another second and conclude that, ok, so it is very likely that the kidnappers are working for the Israeli internal intelligence agency - Shabak - (which would explain why the Fox employees cannot be found in tiny Gaza), but the question remains as to how exactly agents of the state of Israel are able to successfully pass themselves off as Arabs.

I will let Rima Merriman, a Palestinian American author living in the Palestinian town of Ramallah explain:
"With a cadre of well-trained, Arabic-speaking Israeli informants who are indistinguishable physically from the Palestinian population, Shabak has little problem gathering intelligence on a people whose every movement is regulated by hundreds of check points and by total Israeli control on their borders. These infiltrators prey on Arab innate hospitality and friendliness. The Palestinians call them "musta'ribeen", i.e., "those who appear to be Arabs". Palestinians are not surprised when someone, somewhere comes up to them and says: Got you!"
Fox News reporters on the other hand, never ones to sincerely attempt to understand or report the brutal nature of the reality of life in Israeli-occupied Palestine, tend to be a little more surprised when such brutality is visited upon them.