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SOTT Focus: Behind the Headlines: The Empathy Trap - Understanding how predators manipulate people's strengths and weaknesses

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Earlier this year on SOTT Talk Radio we spoke with Tim McGregor, co-author with Dr Jane McGregor of The Empathy Trap: Understanding Antisocial Personalities. Tim is a health practitioner with more than 20 years' experience in addiction and sociopathy and Jane is an author and lecturer at the Institute of Mental Health, University of Nottingham, UK.

The McGregors prefer the term 'sociopath' over 'psychopath', although their recently published book discusses essentially the same condition, explaining how predators operate, why they're often difficult to spot, and the importance of recognising pathological behaviour for what it is. The Empathy Trap also challenges antisocial behaviour in everyday life and calls for more empathy among normal people, something that can help victims cope with the aftermath of destructive relationships by re-establishing healthy boundaries.

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SOTT Focus: Behind the Headlines: Assassinated Heroes

JFK john f kennedy
The pages of human history are not only long, they are largely redacted and distorted in a way that not only bolsters the official history of the righteous rule of the 'elite', but simultaneously covers up their long-term corruption and criminality. Those same pages are also replete with, and at times defined by, iconic and notable figures who rose to positions of either power or notoriety (or both) by either chance or design.

Some historical figures are lauded as heroes or even saviors, while others are remembered only as a warning of what can happen when human potential goes horribly awry. Yet, more often than not, when the true details of their lives are subjected to close and objective scrutiny, even the lauded heroes of history fall from grace to one degree or another.

There are however, a vanishingly small group of historical figures who, when scrutinized in the same way, provoke precisely the opposite effect; they are revealed to be true, and largely unsung, heroes. This details of their lives, and their deaths, tell a story of their ultimately unrealized potential to not only change human society for the better but to serve as role models for us all.

Unfortunately, the lives of most of these individuals were dramatically cut short by an assassins bullet or some equally fatal plot hatched by the established authorities of the day who realised the very real threat posed to their rule by the unchecked emergence of a true champion of the people.

Michael Collins, JFK, RFK, MLK, Ghandi, Lumumba, Lennon, Moro, Sadat, Palme, Diana, Rafik Hariri, Benazir Bhutto, Anna Lindh, Yasser Arafat...this is a short-list of great or potentially great leaders who were assassinated in the 20th century.

Earlier this year on SOTT Talk Radio, we looked at the lives and deaths of these individuals and others who were 'taken out' simply because they had the power and intent to make our world a better place for all.

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SOTT Focus: Behind the Headlines: NSA's PRISM offers neither privacy nor security

'NSA leaks' continue to pour out thick and fast courtesy of Ed Snowden and the Guardian newspaper. Are we really learning anything new? Do we really think The Guardian and Washington Post would publish stuff they weren't 'allowed' to publish? Who is Ed Snowden really and why do some whistleblowers become famous while others are bumped off quietly?

Earlier this year we discussed the 'NSA privacy scandal' on SOTT Talk Radio. Check it out:

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SOTT Focus: Behind the Headlines: JFK remembered, ISON approaches, and electric weather

The team's 'All and Everything' series returns to SOTT Talk Radio this week, when we'll be casting an eye on the latest scandals, the trends that matter, and the kind of information Big Brother prefers you never hear!

Following on from last week's show on the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, we're going to discuss a couple of aspects to the dreadful event that open up intriguing new possibilities. Was the event in Dallas in November 1963 originally meant to be a staged assassination? Did other interested parties then hijack the initial plan by actually killing JFK? We'll look at the evidence for this, including the possibility of Israeli involvement.

With no less than five comets currently flaring brightly within observation range of northern hemisphere observers, 2013 is living up to its moniker as 'Year of the Comets'. As ISON approaches perihelion on November 28th, we'll be asking: is there a connection between the wild spaceweather and the crazy storms taking place around the world of late?

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SOTT Focus: Behind the Headlines: The JFK Assassination, 50 Years Later

People running up the grassy knoll on November 22nd, 1963. They knew what direction the fatal bullet came from. Do you?
Today, November 22nd, 2013, marks 50 years since the Day America Died. A tragic event for most Americans and for ordinary people the world over who choose peace over war, equality over injustice, and happiness over greed, the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy was pivotal in setting the United States on its current path towards doom.

In our recent SOTT Talk Radio show we reflected on the life of a man who dreamed of a better world, and was making that dream a reality until assassins' bullets killed the American Dream that sunny November day in Dallas, Texas.

Half a century later, it's common knowledge in the U.S. that JFK's murder was ordered by a powerful cabal. And yet, successive U.S. administrations have refused to release documents that would fill in the remaining gaps. Who exactly carried it out? And on behalf of whom? How did they organise it? And why did they do it?

Despite the passing of time, the 'suiciding' of key witnesses, the barrage of misinformation and disinformation, and the 'loss' of crucial documentation, excellent research has enabled others to form a cohesive and reasonably objective narrative that counters the official propaganda and places the assassination in proper historical context.

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Comment: If you do nothing else, just take the time to watch the produced version of 'Evidence of Revision', a three disc set that presents archive footage that will leave you in no doubt who killed JFK and why.


SOTT Focus: Behind the Headlines: Nora Gedgaudas interview - Healing through NeuroFeedback and an Ice Age diet

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We recently invited nutritional therapist, speaker and educator Nora Gedgaudas to speak with us on SOTT Talk Radio. Widely recognized as an expert on the 'Paleo Diet', Nora maintains a private practice in Portland, Oregon as both a Board-Certified nutritional consultant and a Board-Certified clinical Neurofeedback Specialist.

Nora is also the author of the best-seller Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and a Longer Life, a book that is changing the way people view their diet and health.

Examining the healthy lives of our pre-agricultural Paleolithic ancestors and contrasting it with the marked decline humanity has undergone in the Agricultural Age, up to and including today's epidemic 'diseases of civilization', Nora's book shows how our modern grain- and carbohydrate-heavy low-fat diets are a far cry from the high-fat, moderate-protein hunter-gatherer diets we are genetically programmed for.

Applying the latest scientific discoveries to the basic hunter-gatherer diet forged in the last Ice Age, Nora's message is that a real alternative is available: a holistic, 'paleo' lifestyle that is helping thousands of people to break the negative feedback loop of poor diet and poor health.

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SOTT Focus: Behind the Headlines: Surviving the End of the World (as we know it)

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Impending economic collapse; global food shortages and famine; a planet frozen by sudden glacial rebound; widespread illness from comet-borne viruses; societal breakdown from bloody revolution; psychos in power launching nuclear Armageddon... it's not 'the end' of the world, but it's certainly a time of great change.

When we see the same things happening over and over again in history, it becomes clear that the point is not to worry but to be aware. There may be mass death, but those who are prepared, like the Wise Virgins, survive and create the future.

It'll be frightening, possibly fun, and most certainly interesting. Fortune will play a large part in determining the outcomes from one person to the next, but the ones who are prepared are the ones who draw Fortune to their side. So, the question is: how do we prepare?

This week on SOTT Talk Radio, we're going to discuss some good ideas and how to put them in action. We'll also be taking a critical look at some of the wilder ideas that have given so-called 'preppers' and 'survivalists' a bad rep.

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SOTT Focus: Behind the Headlines: Steve Jobs' Apple Revolution and the Fall of Man

Got the latest iGadget? Have you joined the Apple Revolution? Apparently more than mere products, there are those who argue that the iPod, iMac, iPhone and iPad are part of an 'Apple Revolution' that elevated computing - and the development of human consciousness itself - to a higher plane. But are such plaudits really merited?

Steve Jobs' legacy undoubtedly influenced computing in a big way, but Apple is, of course, just one company among many. This week on SOTT Talk Radio we're going to look at the state of information technology and ask whether it's liberating us, or imprisoning us. From tablets and laptops to wi-fi and smartphones, what effects are these tech toys having on humanity?

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Che Guevara

SOTT Focus: Behind the Headlines: Russell Brand, NSA Leaks, U.S. government shutdown

'All and Everything' returns this week as we discuss the attention a British celebrity has brought to the dire state of affairs for people and planet, the latest NSA Leaks, the narrowly-avoided U.S. dollar default and more!

Russell Brand on revolution: hero or villain? And what about Ed Snowden? Sincere people speaking truth to power, a case of the blind leading the blind, or is something else afoot?

NSA-gate continues courtesy of The Guardian, Glenn Greenwald and Le Monde, through which it emerged this week that Israeli signals intelligence, and not the NSA, was behind massive electronic spying on the French government and people.

America narrowly avoided a currency default, but in the meantime the rest of the world is preparing for life after the petro-dollar... what are you doing to prepare for global systemic collapse?

Meanwhile, Japan has been smacked by dozens of typhoons in quick succession, record early snowfalls have hit northern U.S. states, a(nother) record-breaking heatwave is frying everything in Australia, and fireballs continue raining down from space - NASA's All-Sky Fireball Network captured 15 of them over the U.S. on October 16 alone...

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SOTT Focus: Behind the Headlines: Dissecting the Vegetarian Myth - Interview with Lierre Keith

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This week on SOTT Talk Radio we interviewed author and activist Lierre Keith, whose book The Vegetarian Myth examines the tenets of vegetarian ideology from dietary, environmental and philosophical perspectives.

Lierre Keith believed in that plant-based diet and spent twenty years as a vegan. But she now argues that people have been led astray - not by our longings for a just and sustainable world, but by our ignorance.

The truth is that agriculture is a relentless assault against the planet, and more of the same won't save us. In service to annual grains, humans have devastated prairies and forests, driven countless species extinct, altered the climate, and destroyed the topsoil - the basis of life itself. Keith argues that if we are to save this planet, our food must be an act of profound and abiding repair: it must come from inside living communities, not be imposed across them.

Part memoir, part nutritional primer, and part political manifesto, The Vegetarian Myth will challenge everything you thought you knew about food politics.

Lierre Keith
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