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Mon, 16 Jul 2018
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Extreme Temperatures


Up to 6 inches of spring snow falls in parts of Arizona

A remote camera at the south gate entrance at the Grand Canyon National Park, Ariz., shows a fresh dusting of snow.

A remote camera at the south gate entrance at the Grand Canyon National Park, Ariz., shows a fresh dusting of snow.
Parts of northern and eastern Arizona received up to six inches of snow in a late taste of winter weather.

National Weather Service statistics show Greer and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon each got six inches of snow by Wednesday morning with 2 inches of snow falling at Alpine. Williams, Flagstaff and Pinetop-Lakeside all got an inch or less.

However, most of the snow had melted by Wednesday afternoon.

The weather bureau says snow in May is not uncommon in Flagstaff. The city typically gets just under three-quarters of an inch.

The snowiest May on record in Flagstaff was 1904 with 15 inches.

Source: Associated Press


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: The news is a whirlwind: Before the thaw started

Looking back less than two weeks ago, these were the conditions in the US and Canada. Now contrasts to what you are seeing of all beach images and warm. Two weeks, thats it, between what you see now on the news and your reality a week ago. Record cold, record snow for a season,record ice, cold weather crop losses and blizzards. Did you forget so quickly with the media throwing news at you faster than ever and more bizarre than ever?



May snowfall on Mount Lemmon, Arizona following overnight storm

A webcam posted on Mount Lemmon shows Tuesday night's snowfall.
© Summerhaven Radio Ridge West
A webcam posted on Mount Lemmon shows Tuesday night's snowfall.
While many parts of Tucson saw overnight rain, residents of Mount Lemmon were treated to overnight snow.

With temperatures in Tucson having already broken 90 degrees and rapidly approaching 100, a temporary reprieve from the heat likely upsets no one.

The Radio Ridge West webcam posted on Summerhaven caught the snowfall on tape. Check out the video by clicking on the link below.


Storms pelt Las Vegas Valley, Mount Charleston receives snow in May

Mount Charleston sees rare May snowfall

Mount Charleston sees rare May snowfall
May came in like a lion Tuesday, as lightning flashed and thunderstorms pelted parts of the Las Vegas Valley, and snow covered higher-elevation areas on Mount Charleston.

Lightning was seen throughout the western valley, and flashes also were reported with storms over the central and south valley, the National Weather Service said.

"So it's basically everywhere," meteorologist Chelsea Kryston said.

McCarran International Airport received about 0.24 inches of rain in a 24-hour span, Kryston said. Rain fell harder in other parts of the valley, however, as Summerlin saw about 0.27 inches, Centennial Hills recorded about 0.31 inches and southeast Henderson received 0.42 inches.

The weather service issued a flood advisory late Tuesday that was set to end at 10:15 p.m.


Spring snowfall hits the Sierra

Another round of winter weather is hitting part of the Sierra.

Snow and ice falling overnight in Nevada County caused some traffic problems, as Interstate 80 was shut down for a couple of hours due to slick road conditions.

The snow and ice fell on Monday.

Watch the above video to see the white powder falling!

Source: CNN

Snowflake Cold

Students evacuated in southern France as heavy snow surprises them during hike

© Photo Francis Nicolas/MaxPPP
The Mont-Ventoux peaks at nearly 2000 meters.
Snow and ice during a strong storm surprised around twenty of the 174 participants in a hike organised this Tuesday by the Ecole SupElec in Paris.

They weren't expecting it, and had to be evacuated by the emergency services as weather conditions deteriorated.

Spring temperatures dropped to make way for winter conditions, leaving the youths poorly-equipped for the non-seasonal weather. The cold surprised them, going so far as to prevent them from continuing.

Firefighters were called to pick them up from the slopes of Mont-Ventoux, which culminates at nearly 2000 meters, in the department of Vaucluse in southeast France.

By 4:15 pm, no one was missing from the call. The hike ended with no injuries.

Translated by Sott.net from here


It's snowing 'like winter' in France - Hikers rescued in Pyrenees

Rescue in the snow for the gendarmes of Luchon in the Pyrenees

Luchon, neige
© Crédit Facebook/PGHM de Luchon
This impressive picture was taken by the PGHM from Luchon during the rescue.
Gendarmes in Luchon intervened this Monday to rescue a couple of hikers buried under snow, one of whom suffered a broken ankle. The intervention took place on the descent of the Pic du Cagire (1912m).

The hiker slipped in the middle of the afternoon and injured her left ankle not far from the Mourtis resort in the south of the Haute Garonne department.

"Initially they thought they could reach the Col de Mente where their vehicle is. But with a growing pain and the weather worsening, the couple resigned themselves to contacting our services for help at around 5:30pm," said the gendarmes.

Despite it "snowing like in winter,"
a team of five gendarmes went to the location. The victim was taken down slopes where 20cm of fresh snow had accumulated.

Translated by Sott.net from here


May snowfall in Utah National Park

Alpine, Utah
© Robbie lawler
Alpine, Utah
It may be May 1, but snow was falling across the higher elevations of southern Utah. The snow was expected to stick to grassy surfaces while roads would be just wet near Bryce Canyon National Park, according to the National Weather Service.

A Facebook post from the national park said it was "perfect May weather," in the sense that it "may snow, it may rain, it may thunder a bit later on," the post continued. The park shared this footage of snow along with the post.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: USA record cold and shocking crop report, France snow, EU electrified

neige, Normandie, 2018
© Instagram/@nono_basset_hound_et_steph
Snow in a Normandy garden this Monday.
Normandy Region of France late season snow, with 300,000 lightning strikes over the last 24 hours. US record cold over the weekend Great Lakes region, but national news won't cover that, but if it were record heat it would be front page news. New shocking report US wheat 65% is now low or very low quality.



It's snowing on April 30th in Normandy, France

neige, Normandie, 2018
© Instagram/@nono_basset_hound_et_steph
Snow in a Normandy garden this Monday.
This Monday, the negative temperatures allowed the snow to fall in places in the Eure and Seine-Maritime, even to hold on the ground.

Northern France is experiencing heavy rainfall. This Monday, they even give snow in places in Normandy.

These snow showers concern in particular the departments of Eure and Seine-Maritime. Temperatures are close to 0°C or even slightly below. As shown on this map provided by Météociel at 11h20, the temperature felt, which takes into account the effect of the wind, was negative in the majority of the department as well as in the South of the Seine-Maritime and the East of the Oise. In Rouen, the feeling was -5°C.