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Sat, 16 Dec 2017
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Extreme Temperatures


Early-season snowfall closes roads in northern Utah; 8 inches deep

Fresh snow in Big Cottonwood Canyon
© Solitude Mtn Resort
Fresh snow in Big Cottonwood Canyon
Early-season snow continued to fall around northern Utah, with a few first-of-the-season road closures.

Utah Department of Transportation reported just after 10 a.m. Sunday that a gate had been closed on state Route 224, just past Park City Hall in Summit County. The gate would be opened as soon as crews could clear the area.
CLOSURE: the first seasonal gate at SR-224 in @SummitCountyUT due to heavy snowfall. Gate will reopen when crews are able to clear it.

— UDOT Region Two (@UDOTRegionTwo) September 24, 2017
Officials in Alta reported 8 inches of snow on the ground in some places. Snowplows were out in Little Cottonwood Canyon, and drivers should expect snowy roads, especially on state Route 210 in the canyon.


A foot of snow falls on Mount Bachelor, Oregon; skiing season starts early

© Mt. Bachelor
After a foot of snow this week, Mt. Bachelor has become the first place in North America to offer skiing and snowboard this early in the season.

Officials set up a terrain park in the base area, where snowboarders and skiers used rails to slide around on the snow.

They're offering free access to the terrain park, as well as free "snow-seeing" chairlift rides for foot passengers only.

"The storm gave us an opportunity to try something new and unique," said Drew Jackson, Mt. Bachelor's director of sales and marketing. "There was too much snow to open our bike trails this weekend, so we thought we'd put something together with what we had to work with - which was about a foot of snow."


9 inches of snow hits the mountains of Colorado

© Grand Mesa Lodge
It will be a chilly and wet weekend around metro Denver.

High temperatures won't make it out of the the 50s on Sunday and Monday.

Colorado will have cloudy skies, fog, breezy winds, and rainfall in the lower elevations with snow in the mountains through Monday.

Rainfall totals for Denver and the Front Range will be anywhere from .25″ to .75″... great news for our current drought. A rain/snow mix possible in the Foothills on Sunday-Monday.

Mountains: Snow will come in two batches during the weekend ... one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The Grand Mesa near Grand Junctions had 9″ of snow on the ground at the higher elevations by late Saturday afternoon.

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Climate science and their money making scam

Forty years ago, the front page of the Chicago Tribune featured astrologer Jeanne Dixon, and a warning that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet was going to collapse and drown us all. That was during the global cooling scare.
Flood Threat from Polar Ice
It was one of the coldest winters on record in the US. It snowed in Miami, and they blamed the Polar Vortex and California drought on global cooling.


Australian ad - 'The next Ice Age should be the most serious climate event for humanity'

An advert today describes the real climate change we should afraid of, discusses how past CO2 levels did not cause dangerous global warming, and extra CO2 has a smaller and smaller effect, then connects failed climate models with rising electricity bills.
Next Ice Age
© Ad in Australian Paper
The text....


Global warming causes early northern hemisphere snow and Arctic ice increase

Kirkwood web cam shows a dusting of snow on the morning of Sept. 21, 2017.

Kirkwood web cam shows a dusting of snow on the morning of Sept. 21, 2017.
Summer snow starts in California, causing pile-ups on the slick roads, but wait for it, global warming will be blamed. This is the new media move as the cold, snow and Arctic ice increase. The intensification of the effects of our Sun changing Earth's climate will be obvious for all to see this year, that's why the media will go into full court press damage control over what the people of our planet will see in front of their eyes. The media will try to convince you that what your eyes are seeing is false.


Snowflake Cold

Mammoth Lakes California gets first seasonal snowfall - one month earlier than usual

first snow mammoth lakes fall 2017
It's snowing in the Sierra. Then again, when isn't it snowing in the Sierra?

Mammoth Lakes got more than a dusting Thursday in the first snowfall of the season, with three inches reported in the village. Snow coated the roads so heavily that the plows were out, and locals left footprints on sidewalks.

The snow comes about a month earlier than usual and arrives just as the aspen are beginning to turn. By mid-afternoon Thursday, the snow still coated the village and temps had dropped into the mid-30s. Warmer weather was forecast for the weekend, with highs in the 50s and nighttime lows in the 20s.


Early snowfall in Norway makes driving hazardous

Snow at the E6 near Hjerkinn on 20th September 2017.
© Statens vegvesen webkamera
Snow at the E6 near Hjerkinn on 20th September 2017.
Chains and winter tyres were recommended by Norway's Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen, NPRA) for motorists travelling on the E6 motorway near Dovre after heavy snow fell in the area this morning.

The snowfall comes early in the autumn, when many motorists are still using summer tyres.

Several centimetres of snow are reported to have fallen in the region on Tuesday night.

"Large vehicles are recommended to use chains and motorists on summer tyres should wait," NPRA traffic operator Ingvill Bredeland told NRK.

The motorway was snowplowed early Wednesday morning, reports the broadcaster.


Early snowfall leaves 12 foot snow base on mountains in Alaska (VIDEO)

snow alaska

Holy Sh*t... this video is from yesterday, not February, not March, YESTERDAY. Can it be winter yet?

From Silverton Mountain Guides:
September 20, 2017.... Who loves skiing and snowboarding more than Silverton Mountain Guides? The Silverton Mountain Guides Alaska heli-skiing crew made the first turns of the season after a series of potent early storms recently pounded Alaska. The early season snowfall in Alaska has left a 12 foot base of snow at elevation, so the heli crew wasted no time firing up the chopper and skiing and snowboarding. What they found was incredible deep powder and miles and miles of untracked snow.

The Silverton Mountain Guides Alaska Heli team took 6 runs on the first day of the season (September 19th ) with each run steeper than the previous run as they discovered the snow was deep and stable. Many people can understand spring fever but this team has snow fever. As soon as the snow hits the ground they are ready to tear it up as Silverton Mountain Guides passion for the mountains and snow is unmatched in its authenticity. With the most heli terrain in Alaska, the Silverton Mountain Guides typically find new and amazing terrain each time they venture out and it's deep out there right now, folks!


Technically record summer snowfall with summer cold storm warnings

Snow in September was met with plenty of grumbling on social media.
© Jessica Woldemichael
Snow in September was met with plenty of grumbling on social media.
Summer is still officially a few days away, but winter storms already sweeping across Edmonton and ski resorts of southern Canada along the US border breaking all time snow depth records. This also means summer snow in Montana and Washington state, but the weather man assures us it will pass quickly, never mentioning record snowfall in summer.

Edmonton Alberta Canada. Sept. 19 Snow in Edmonton, Stony Plane, calling for 15 cm. Average for Sept is 1cm, record 1971 7.5 cm, this storm 15cm. Whitecourt and Hinton area. Not that it never snows early, but it should not be snowing with the leaves still on the trees.


Comment: See also: 'It's been coming down in bucketfuls': Jasper ski area in Alberta sees unprecedented early-season snowfall