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Wed, 21 Nov 2018
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Hilary Clinton Victoria Nuland
© Sott.net
Hillary campaign
© Ben Garrison
baton rouge flood
© The Times-Picayune
'Worst ever' flooding in Baton Rouge, southern Louisiana
pokemon go
© Le Grand Bazar
Killary Trump
© Murica Today
pokemon cliff
© Unknown
storm chicago
© Barry Butler - @barrybutler9
Anti-crepuscular rays and anvil lightning during an intense storm in Chicago, Illinois, 24 July 2016
noctilucent clouds uk
© Mark Savage
Noctilucent clouds over Gateshead, England, 7 July 2016
woman dress black live matter
© Jonathan Bachman / Reuters
A demonstrator protesting the public execution of Alton Sterling is arrested by US Stormtroopers near Baton Rouge Police Department HQ, Louisiana, July 9, 2016
giant meteor 2016 elections