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Mon, 18 Feb 2019
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Picture of the Day

baton rouge flood
© The Times-Picayune
'Worst ever' flooding in Baton Rouge, southern Louisiana
pokemon go
© Le Grand Bazar
Killary Trump
© Murica Today
pokemon cliff
© Unknown
storm chicago
© Barry Butler - @barrybutler9
Anti-crepuscular rays and anvil lightning during an intense storm in Chicago, Illinois, 24 July 2016
noctilucent clouds uk
© Mark Savage
Noctilucent clouds over Gateshead, England, 7 July 2016
woman dress black live matter
© Jonathan Bachman / Reuters
A demonstrator protesting the public execution of Alton Sterling is arrested by US Stormtroopers near Baton Rouge Police Department HQ, Louisiana, July 9, 2016
giant meteor 2016 elections
Storm chaser scientist Tim Marshall observes a tornado near Dodge City, KS
© Tim Marshall
We are in Kansas
US coup Ukraine
© Sott.net / Flow
'Divide and Conquer'