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Wed, 02 Dec 2020
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Russel Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks to the Healthy

covid facemask
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With the advent of the so-called COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a number of medical practices that have little or no scientific support as regards reducing the spread of this infection. One of these measures is the wearing of facial masks, either a surgical-type mask, bandana or N95 respirator mask. When this pandemic began and we knew little about the virus itself or its epidemiologic behavior, it was assumed that it would behave, in terms of spread among communities, like other respiratory viruses. Little has presented itself after intense study of this virus and its behavior to change this perception.

This is somewhat of an unusual virus in that for the vast majority of people infected by the virus, one experiences either no illness (asymptomatic) or very little sickness. Only a very small number of people are at risk of a potentially serious outcome from the infection — mainly those with underlying serious medical conditions in conjunction with advanced age and frailty, those with immune compromising conditions and nursing home patients near the end of their lives. There is growing evidence that the treatment protocol issued to treating doctors by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mainly intubation and use of a ventilator (respirator), may have contributed significantly to the high death rate in these select individuals.

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Planet of the Humans: Documentary by Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs

Planet of the Humans, the new documentary produced by Michael Moore and narrated/directed by Jeff Gibbs, exposes the corporate takeover the 'green movement' and lays bare the exponentially WORSE environmental destruction the 'green solutions' have wreaked on both people and planet. Published for free on YouTube, it has generated over 7 million views since late April, and been panned by arch-ideologues like The Guardian's George Monbiot, who described it as "oxygen for climate deniers."

The narrator - and presumably Moore by proxy - are something like 'original greenies': they once really believed that 'if we just mandate X', then 'something could be done' to 'make the world a better place'. But as Gibbs takes us through his 'identity crisis' as a greenie, he shows how that 'revolutionary dream' was coopted by bad actors whose vision of 'greening the economy' was actualized as a flood of greenbacks into their corporate bank accounts.

The peak insanity of the whole scam - which is not even fully realized by Gibbs because he continues to believe in other false axioms like 'oil bad' and 'humans control climate' - is that it's founded on the unproven 19th century theory that fossil fuels like oil are 'really old, partly decomposed trees'. And because combusting them for energy produces the side-effect of emitting CO2, it must be that CO2 which is being observed to increase in the atmosphere. And so it must be that which is causing global temperatures to rise. And so it must be that which is causing the increase in extreme weather phenomena and seismic upheaval.

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Objective:Health - The Ultimate Insanity of the Covid Lockdown - Interview with Sott.net Editor Joe Quinn

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On this episode of Objective:Health we're joined by Sott.net lead editor Joe Quinn to talk about the world's exasperating and mind-bogglingly stupid reaction to the SARS-cov-2 virus. Through careful analysis of data, Joe expertly expresses the frustration at the fact that people seem unable, or unwilling, to see what is directly in front of them, to come to the obvious conclusion that the planet is having the wool pulled over its collective eyes.

Joe also shares some of his personal theories which you are unlikely to find anywhere else on video sharing platforms!

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Ethics and Fundamental Values in Times of Corona

Morality, good and evil, devil and angel
When it comes to the so-called Corona crisis, everyone seems to be talking about numbers. Isn't the virus not much worse than the flu? If so, why didn't we have a lockdown during the flu season? And even if Covid-19 is worse - aren't the lockdown measures actually killing more people than the virus itself?

While these are valid and important arguments, they still operate on a simplistic utilitarian understanding of ethics: it's all about calculating the best outcome, counting the dead, maximizing humanity's well-being by weighing one thing (the virus) against another (the measures). The dispute is just about the variables.

But I think most of us who are critical of the current madness feel it in our bones that there is something deeply wrong here, and it has little to do with the numbers.

Suppose that this virus really was a deadly killer and we could reasonably expect it to kill off, let's say, 10% of the population in every country. Would you accept the current measures then? Would you find it okay that the state takes away your freedom and responsibility to come to the right decisions in your life? To visit your friend in trouble, to hug your father, to attend church, or to sell your products and services to those still willing to buy them?

More to the point, shouldn't you be able to decide whether you want to take the risk of visiting your fragile parents, if you don't have any symptoms for example, because this deep care outweighs the risk of transmitting the virus? Shouldn't the elderly decide for themselves whether they want to cuddle their grandchildren? Or shouldn't you be the one who decides whether to meet some friends to make some music or not, weighing between risk of death and the very thing that makes life worth living in the first place?

If your answer is no to any of those questions, then you are in trouble. Because in today's world, we seem to lack the knowledge to justify our gut feeling that some things just should never be prohibited, some freedoms never be curtailed, and some things never dictated by the state. If we say we want to attend church or hug our parents, or visit a friend who needs us, and somebody replies that this might kill people and surely, avoiding death is more important than hugging your dad, what are we to say? It leaves us speechless. We kind of see the point, but then again, we kind of don't.

And it's not enough to point to the constitution either. If we don't understand why something is in the constitution in the first place and can't defend it, if even just to ourselves, then why should anybody bother? People will just point out that saving lives is more important than some petty legal argument.

So let's take a step back and clear up a few things about the philosophical background of our Western constitutions and how this relates to the Corona measures.


COVID-19: The Big Pharma Players Behind UK Government Lockdown

Comment: This is Part 2 to Vanessa Beeley's first article on the powers behind 'the coronavirus pandemic', also published by the UK Column.

"To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas."

— Dr George Brock Chisholm, who served as the first Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) from 1948 to 1953
In Part One of Who controls the British Government response to Covid-19?, I began an investigation into the individuals and entities that are, effectively, driving the UK Government response to Covid-19. In Part Two, I will expand upon the Big Pharma and Artificial Intelligence (AI) links already identified and will introduce new connections that appear to have considerable bearing upon the UK Government's Covid-19 strategy. I will expand upon the Bill Gates connections to the various organisations that are advocating global immunisation.

The UK Government chief medical adviser and Chief Medical Officer for England, Chris Whitty, is saying that a return to "normal" in the short-term is "wholly unrealistic". Whitty is telling us that the "highly disruptive" social distancing policy will be in place "for really quite a long period of time". "Highly disruptive" is a euphemism for the devastation of the world economy and the horrifying knock-on effect — an estimated 50% of the world workforce are at risk of losing their livelihood.

Chris Whitty Matt Hancock.
April 16th headline in Business Insider. Chris Whitty with UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock.

Comment: See here for part 1: Who Controls The British Government Response to COVID-19?


COVID-19: The Spearpoint For Rolling Out a 'New Era' of High-Risk, Genetically Engineered Vaccines

covid-19 vaccines planet
For weeks, talking heads have been promoting the liability-free vaccine(s) that will save the world — so Bill Gates and Tony Fauci proclaim — from what Gates has now dubbed "Pandemic I." As Microsoft News peddles self-congratulatory stories about the Gates Foundation's reorientation of its priorities to devote "'total attention' to the pandemic," Fauci — making the rounds of talk shows — pledges that a vaccine will make its debut in January 2021. Not to be outdone, the White House has now unveiled "Operation Warp Speed" — a joint pharmaceutical-government-military effort aimed at "substantially shrinking the development time for a vaccine" — and President Trump promises one by the end of the year.

Planet-wide COVID-19 vaccination — the overt objective that has all of these players salivating in anticipation — ignores a number of irrefutable obstacles. For one, the RNA virus being targeted, SARS-CoV-2, already "has mutated into at least 30 different genetic variants." The variants include 19 never-seen-before as well as "rare changes that scientists had never imagined could happen." Knowledge about these mutations may prove useful to clinicians wanting to better tailor their COVID-19 treatments, but the proliferation of mutations makes the chances of developing an effective vaccine immensely more uncertain.

Not to worry, say the entities funded by Gates (and also the Pentagon). Scientists working in the burgeoning field of synthetic biology are confident that they can "outdo" and outsmart nature using next-generation vaccine technologies such as gene transfer and self-assembling nanoparticles — along with invasive new vaccine delivery and record-keeping mechanisms such as smartphone-readable quantum dot tattoos. Does it matter that the researchers who have been experimenting with these approaches have never been able to overcome "nasty side effects"? Apparently not. Aided and abetted by the generous Gates and military funding, high-fanfare COVID-19 vaccine planning is proceeding apace.


Plandemic Documentary, Part 1: Interview With Judy Mikovits

Coming Summer 2020...
plandemic movie
© plandemicmovie.com
Prior to the completion of the full-length documentary we'll be releasing a series of vignettes. This first installment features renowned scientist, Judy Mikovits PHD.

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MindMatters: Sufism: An Introduction To Its Meaning And Purpose

Over the past few decades a large amount of the Western public's attention has been drawn to Islam in the form of fundamentalist belief and practice. This movement, and its effects on the Muslim community and Middle Eastern societies in particular, has proved nothing short of disastrous for many. But what is largely unknown to most is the inner tradition, wisdom and philosophy known as Sufism; what some consider to be the 'mystical' dimension of Islam. Through the poems of Rumi, the writings of Ibn Arabi, and analysis by academics like Prof. William C. Chittick we come to learn that Sufism - as it was inspired and conceived - laid out a cosmology for individuals that sought to help individuals grow 'spirituality' through the rigorous use of their minds.

This week on MindMatters we discuss several ideas central to Sufism: the nature and value of 'transmitted' knowledge - compared to direct knowledge and understanding, the striving towards perfection of man's inner nature, and the process of nothing less than coming closer to God; knowing one's self in order to know God, and vice versa. Along these lines we also look at some correspondences with Gurdjieff's philosophy and methods for working on the self. Far from being a mere footnote in religious and philosophical thought, Sufism couldn't be more relevant to a world that has effectively moved away from God and away from one's own relationship to the higher order of the Universe.

Running Time: 01:02:10

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Covid-19 Lockdown: Fairytales For Children And Hard Truths For Adults

Stay home piper
The world has now been under Covid-19 lockdown for about two months, thanks to our fearmongering leaders, who've been comparing the coronavirus pandemic to a wartime situation and apparently competing with each other to see who can subject their populations to the most draconian measures. And they claim it's all necessary in order to save lives.

Never mind that as a consequence of the lock down it is likely that MORE people are dying than would otherwise have done, due to a variety of problems, not least the shuttering of primary health care - and particularly in 'Covid-19 hot spots', like the UK. So a strange "war" is going on where people are forced to sit at home and binge-watch Netflix while being frightened into submission by the media's wildly exaggerated claims about dubiously-acquired case/death numbers, and while the elderly and the vulnerable pay the highest price. It seems then that when justified by "saving lives", you can get away with literally anything - like killing off a bunch of people. We shouldn't be surprised though, because in just the last 20 years, several wars led by Western governments that killed, literally, more than 1.5 million people, were justified by the need to 'save people'

At the end of the World War 2, the US dropped two nuclear bombs on Japanese cities - in Hiroshima and Nagasaki - killing approximately 200,000 civilians. Officially, it too was done "in order to save lives". Whatever immoral crimes against humanity are committed, it's rationalized as necessary for some greater good - even if that means blowing hundreds of thousands of people to pieces with weapons of mass destruction.

If people could be made to believe that nuking Japan was done in order to 'save lives', if people could be made to believe that invading and occupying Iraq and killing 1.5 million Iraqis was to 'save them', then surely it's not a big task to convince them that subjecting a third of the global population to home imprisonment and risking the destruction of the global economy, will also 'save lives'.

There are always fairy tales for children and hard truths for adults. The fairy tale is offered to make people feel comfortable and safe. Truth, on the other hand, is what it is - not something that can be shaped and distorted to produce 'the right feeling'. Adults who remain as children, believing in fairy tales, are dangerous because they take or support actions that can have very serious consequences for themselves and for society as a whole.


SOTT Earth Changes Summary - April 2020: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

April 2020 brought us some chilly Earth Changes surprises, from record snow in parts of the US and Europe, to huge hail in Asia and the Middle East.
An arctic system blasted Canada, the Midwest, Northeast and Southern US, causing power outages in Manitoba, and Maine, leaving hundreds of thousands without power. Snow records were broken in Colorado (30 inches), South Dakota (15 inches), and Iowa (11 inches).

Snow also fell in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, for the first time in 26 years... in spring!

Global food production not only has been disrupted by the economy-killing plandemic, severe cold and frost also destroyed crops across Europe and the US.

Hail also got nasty around the globe this month, killing 5 people, ravaging crops, and damaging 6,000 homes in Vietnam. Hailstorms also left 4,2000 people homeless in Tripura, India, and covered in white parts of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and China... with flooding added to the mix as it melted.

Severe storms, hail, tornadoes, and strong winds ripped through parts of the Midwest and South US, causing damage to many homes, especially in Indiana and Arkansas.

While all this water got dumped around the world, the Czech Republic is facing the worst drought in 500 years.

All this and more in this month's SOTT Earth Changes Summary: