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Thu, 19 Apr 2018
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High Strangeness


Arizona: Strange lights spotted in sky over Havasu

A strange bright light appeared in the darkness of the pre-dawn sky south of Lake Havasu Thursday morning, hovering and glowing with an eerie amber light before disappearing suddenly, a Lake Havasu City man has reported.

"It was in the southern sky. It seemed to be hovering," said Trevor Lowder, 32.

Lowder arrived at work shortly after 6 a.m. when a co-worker alerted him to a strange light in the still-dark sky. Running outside, Lowder said the light was clearly visible with the naked eye, about half the brightness of Venus. Once outside, he watched the object for several minutes before it appeared to accelerate out of view.

"It was disc-shaped," Lowder said. "I'm very, very sure that it was not natural. I've got to tell you, this is the first time I've seen something like this."

When a commercial airliner approached from the east, the object dimmed, pulsated and then disappeared, appearing to accelerate rapidly. "I'm very sure that I caught a glimpse of a metallic reflection," Lowder said.

Grey Alien

US: Believe it or not Poll: One-Third Believe in Ghosts, UFOs

It was bad enough when the TV and lights inexplicably flicked on at night, Misty Conrad says. When her daughter began talking to an unseen girl named Nicole and neighbors said children had been murdered in the house, it was time to move.

Brown Lady of Raynham Hall - This famous photograph was taken in 1936 during a photo shoot for the magazine Country Life.

Comment: The article would like you to 'believe' that it is silly, in fact, ridiculous, to 'think' that anything else, other than the material world in front of your eyes, exists. Research from many different disciplines reports that cultures all over the world, both ancient and recent recognize the possible existence of a hyperdimensional influence. So, what do you really think?

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High Strangeness


UK: UFO sighting in Crawley?

©Crawley Observer
Symone Clarke

An Ifield psychic claims she was buzzed by a UFO in the early hours of Monday morning.

Symone Clarke, from Ferring Close, reckons she was woken from her sleep by the mysterious visitors hovering outside her window.


UK: There's something weird up there...

Strange lights glowing in the sky over Exeter have left residents bemused, confused and feeling slightly silly.

Many people have now come forward after the Echo highlighted the first sighting this week - from a woman afraid nobody would believe her.

In fact, the report prompted a host of calls from residents right across the city who have seen something odd and are now not afraid to talk about it.

Just hours after the Echo reported on a bizarrely lit circular object seen over Redhills, another reader has said she saw something odd the day before, over Peterborough Close, Exwick.


UK: Exeter Housewife Sees UFO

An Exeter housewife claims she was left stunned after spotting a strangely lit, circular shaped object flying over the city.The woman, who has asked not to be named, lives in Redhills, and spotted the object between 10.50pm and 11.05pm on Sunday.

She said: "I am an ordinary, 58-year-old housewife and I know what I saw was not an aeroplane.

"I was looking out of my window towards Haldon when I saw an unusual orange light.

"I got my binoculars and went out on the balcony. The object was over Haldon and coming towards me. It was circular in shape and had lots of lashing strobe-like lights with a darker feature that seemed to change shape within the light."


Wales: Did a UFO really crash land near Wrexham?

North East Wales has been something of a hot-spot for UFO sightings in recent years, we take a look at some of the best known encounters.

A UFO Enthusiast is appealing for information from anyone who was watching the skies over Wrexham on one particular night in 1974 and who may have witnessed a very strange event.

©Evening Leader
Was this an alien space craft? North East Wales has become a hotspot for UFO sightings

Russell Kellet, a writer for Flying Saucer Review, the world's longest running UFO magazine, is particularly interested in finding out what, if anything, happened on the Llandegla Moors on the night of February 7 1974.

According to Russell, the alleged incident occurred just 15 days after the famous 'Berwyn Mountains Incident', often referred to as the 'Welsh Roswell'.


My close encounter with UFOs over Islington, UK

Surreal photos capture what one man believes are visitors from outer space darting through the skies above Islington - the second UFO spotting in the borough this year.

Dennis Gray, 33, a car dealer who lives in Sebbon Street, Islington, has told of the "deep sense of calm" he felt after capturing the startling images from his front window.

He claims he saw a floating orb and a triangle shaped craft hovering above the Angel in broad daylight.

©Islington Gazette
A ""Christ-like"" figure in the sky at top right of shot.

Comment: While this individual had "felt a comfort like no other", we recommend that a person have a detached skepticism so as not to fall sway to possible tricks induced into the mind.

Bizarro Earth

Non-Extraordinary Reactions to Extraordinary Things

Recently (October 18) the Democrat Herald, out of Albany, Oregon, carried a story about a couple who reported seeing a UFO.

However, I'm not so much interested in the UFOs itself (for now) as I am the reactions of some who think there's nothing to report.

The couple, Raye and Derral Laufer, were outside their home, having a smoke (no lame dope jokes please) and were treated to a UFO sighting:
two long, silver, bullet-shaped objects flying side-by-side across the sky. Neither object had lights or made a sound, Raye said, and they soon split up: One headed east, the other toward the northeast.


US: False Alarm in Montgomery, Alabama Plane Crash Report - unexplained loud explosions and smoke

Montgomery officials are breathing a sigh of relief this afternoon after reports of a plane crash around Hope Hull turned out to be false alarms.

Montgomery County Sheriff D-T- Marshall said his department sent up helicopters to investigate sometime before noon, but nothing was found.

Several people called the department saying they heard loud explosions and saw smoke.


Strange happenings in Basingstoke, UK skies

Strange happenings were seen in Basingstoke skies on Friday.

Several people have contacted The Gazette claiming to have seen a flurry of red lights in the sky between 10pm and 10.30pm.

Gill Dunn emailed in describing the lights as looking like "solid jellyfish".

She added: "They were silent and just as we were about to film them, the front ones dispersed and gradually they all just disappeared into thin air."

Another reader described seeing a line of red lights that looked a bit like stars at around the same time.