There appears to be an ongoing series of UFO sightings, or wave, in the state of Pennsylvania. I have been in contact with one of MUFON's Field Investigators, Bob Gardner, about these sightings, and Bob is currently at work investigating these reports. Here is a brief history of what has been going on there.

The Bucks County Courier Times reported that MUFON was indeed going to send researchers into the Lower Bucks area following four separate reports of anomalous objects in the area. Earlier this year, on January 27, Falls police officer Jeffrey Omlor was sent to Don Pablo's on Route 1 in response to a 911 call about a strange craft that "hovered like an octopus." By the time the policeman arrived, the object was gone.

Also on that day, MUFON received a report from a pizza deliveryman, who described seeing an object over a line of trees in Vermillion Hills. The UFO was reported as "blinking red, white, and green lights.

On April 25, a report was made of an "orange fire ball that seemed to be crashing out of the sky." This object was reported from Newtown.

I received an email from an reader whose mother had taken a photograph of an unknown object on June 16, in Richland, in Lebanon County. She was taking photographs of a thunderstorm at the time, from her residence on Millardsville Road between 4:00-5:00 PM. Her photograph, shown along with this article, shows an object that is difficult to explain. I have had several photo buffs take a look at it, and gotten varied opinions. The object has been identified as a bird, debris from the wind, and an unknown craft. I forwarded it to Bob Gardner, who has added it to his case files.

A report was also received about an incident that occurred on 06-03-08 at 4:20 AM. The witness was laying awake, looking outside through a large bedroom window, which gave a full view of the area on one side of the house. The sky was clear, except for what he perceived as one small cloud in the distance. This small cloud began to move toward the house at a slow rate of speed. It soon became close enough that the witness could make out a definite shape-like an elongated hexagon, which was a dark gray in color. The object now looked immense.

He estimated the UFO's size at about 100 feet long and 100 wide. Two of its sides were longer. He got out of bed, and went to the window. The object was now close enough, that he could only see the bottom of it. Although he estimated the object at about 400-500 feet away from the back of his property, he could hear no sound. Suddenly, the object began to move. It made a fluid right hand turn toward the west, giving the witness a view of more of its structure.

Above the bottom, there was a rectangular light panel or window on each side-he could only see three of its four sides, however. The large UFO soon moved away. The witness estimated that he saw it for about one minute, though it seemed like an eternity to him.

"I can't be seeing this, its not really happening!" he thought.

Earlier this month, a report was received regarding a craft with "six lights in the shape of a boomerang." The unknown object was seen hovering over the Oxford Valley Mall in Middletown.

On July 8, a man who was out in the yard with his dog at 4:10 AM, made a very strange report. He looked up into the sky and spotted four unusual lights. Three of them appeared as two eyes with a nose. They had bright lights, and it seemed that the front part of the object was a pink color. The back of the UFO seemed to have a bluish, foggy appearance to it. The witness watched the object for a remarkable 40 minutes, as it moved so ever slowly across the blackened skies. At one point, he felt that he saw silvery flakes falling on the trees. In time, the flakes looked like they went back up into the object. The witness attempted to take photographs of the UFO, but all that showed on the film was darkness.

Also on July 8, a report was received from a man who was locking up his truck on his driveway, happened to look up into the sky, and saw two yellow-orange objects, one much larger than the other. The objects sat motionless for about 10 minutes, then suddenly, they shot upward, and disappeared, leaving a boomerang-shaped trail. The witness sat for ten minutes, almost in a state of shock. Field Investigator Elise Simon was unsure exactly when a report on the sightings would be made, and MUFON's State Director of Pennsylvania, John Ventre, made this statement to the press:

"We'll be talking to the local police, the FAA and the local media and any witnesses." He also pointed out that in his estimation, about 93% of UFO reports are eventually identified as conventional flying objects, but "...that 7 percent, though, that's the great part, because it really defies explanation."

As investigators reveal more details of the sightings over Pennsylvania, I will add them to my report.