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The smoking gun for the Covid lab leak? Blueprint for creating a 'SARS-CoV' virus with altered spike protein in Wuhan published in 2018

Shi Zhengli bats covid china lab
© Associated PressShi Zhengli - dubbed the 'Bat Lady' or 'Bat Woman' for her work on bat coronaviruses - investigated the possibility Covid could have emerged from her lab back in 2020, according to colleagues
A newly-uncovered trove of documents detailing plans to create a Covid-like virus in China months before the pandemic make the 'lab leak almost certain', experts say.

The records - obtained now by FOIA requests - lay out a plan to 'engineer spike proteins' to infect human cells that would then be 'inserted into SARS-Covid backbones' at the infamous Wuhan virology lab from December 2018. Just a year later, in late 2019, the Covid-19 virus emerged with a uniquely adept ability to infect humans, going on to cause a global pandemic.

The proposal was made by the now-notorious EcoHealth Alliance, a New York nonprofit that channels US government grants abroad to fund these types of experiments. Ultimately, the application was denied by the US Department of Defense, but critics say the plans laid out in the proposal serve as a 'blueprint' for how to create Covid.

Comment: While the Wuhan lab was undoubtedly involved in the research, contemporary articles (since memory-holed) also point to U.S. military personnel as a potential source for the initial outbreak in China. Still, here's the Daily Mail does its bit for the Deep State in demonizing China as being at fault for the 'pandemic'. Even before Covid, there was the mysterious outbreak of "vaping lung disease" centered in the midwestern U.S. Was it really those flavored puffs? If so, why wasn't there a countrywide outbreak including Alaska and Hawaii?


'Unlabeled and unregulated': Synthetic milk protein with 92 unknown compounds used by more than a dozen food brands

bored cow fake milk
Children's Health Defense
Recent testing revealed 92 unknown molecules โ€” and a fungicide โ€” in "synthetic" milk now sold in common grocery chains, according to the Health Research Institute (HRI).

The product, sold by Bored Cow, uses a fake whey protein called "ProFerm" made by biotech company and partner Perfect Day. Perfect Day uses genetically modified "microflora" to produce the synthetic milk protein.

According to Bored Cow, their product is a new kind of "animal-free" milk alternative "made with real milk protein from fermentation."

Comment: Buyer beware!!


CDC notice: Rocky Mountain spotted fever outbreak kills three in California

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever ticks california
© Javier Lizarazo GuerraThe CDC revealed at least three people have died from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, caused by bites from infected ticks, after five cases were detected in California since July, 2023.
At least three people have died from Rocky Mountain spotted fever [RMSF] in the last five months, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced in a public alert on Friday.

Five cases of the deadly disease โ€” caused by bites from infected ticks โ€” have been reported since July in Southern California.

In each case, the patient had been in the Mexican border city of Tecate within two weeks of becoming ill, the agency said.

All five patients, three US residents and two Mexican residents, were hospitalized and three died. Four of the patients were minors.

"RMSF is a severe, rapidly progressive, and often deadly disease transmitted by the bite of infected ticks, although many patients do not recall being bitten by a tick," the CDC notice said.

Comment: A question worth asking: Pentagon ordered to tell Congress if it weaponized ticks and released them on the public


New study confirms CDC and other 'experts' hurt children for nothing

child abuse
There have clearly been many, MANY aspects of our Covid response that were and remain inexcusable.

Vaccine passports and mandates, the nonsensical curfews and capacity limits, general mask mandates, and of course, closing beaches, should never been forgotten.

But few, if any of our pointless, ineffective Covid-era restrictions were as indefensible as child masking. And thanks to the awe-inspiring incompetence of the CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the United States was a global outlier; obsessively dedicated to forcing toddlers as young as 2-years-old to wear masks.

Schools, youth programs, camps, on airplanes...anywhere children gathered, they were forcibly masked. Horrifying videos emerged of teachers or flight attendants putting masks on crying children.


Very high LDL no impact on plaque progression

Heart Health
A very important study - please watch.

Very high low density lipoprotein levels with no impact on plaque progression

I interrupt my series on what is wrong with the health service to bring you breaking news. I was sent the e-mail below, directing me to a short YouTube presentation by Dr Shawn Baker.

It highlights a study which provides very strong evidence that a very high LDL (as seen in some people who go on a keto diet), has no impact on coronary artery plaque progression.

It was sent to me by Brian Fullerton MD, for which I shall be eternally grateful. E-mail below. I have edited the e-mail somewhat, but there is no change in meaning.


Study finds "mRNA vaccination may be associated with death" in Japan

japanese nurse vaccine
In the almost 3-year-long debate over post-vaccine deaths, vaccine sceptics have often pointed to the clear temporal association between the Covid shots and reported post-vax deaths. In Japan, for example, 70% of reported post-vax deaths of people aged 65 and over (Fig.1) and 64 and under (Fig. 2) who got the Pfizer/BioNTech shots occurred within 10 days of the last dose. Not only does this safety signal shine brighter than all the neon signs in Tokyo but also these reports can only be made by medical personnel and vaccine makers, who can hardly be accused of being biased anti-vaxers.

vaccine Deaths reported 1
Figure 1: Deaths reported per day after vaccination in individuals aged โ‰ฅ65 years
vaccine Deaths reported 2
Figure 2: Deaths reported per day after vaccination in individuals aged โ‰ค64 years
This may seem like an open-and-shut case. But regulatory authorities, who have acted as judge, jury, and defense lawyer for the mRNA shots, could respond that the close temporal association between reported deaths and the jabs is nothing more than a product of reporting bias: deaths shortly after the shots are more likely to be reported than deaths that occur later even if deaths in both time periods are no different to the background rate. Thus, the mRNA shots can't be convicted on the basis of the temporal association alone. So what evidence can the prosecution present to prove the mRNA shots are guilty?


This is bigger than COVID: Why are so many Americans dying early?

dr robert califf fda
© Win McNamee via Getty ImagesDr. Robert Califf, Commissioner of the FDA
Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Robert Califf recently took to X to mourn the "catastrophic" decline in U.S. life expectancy.

But his post, which hit on smoking, diet, chronic illness and health care, ignored the obvious: People are dying in abnormally high numbers even now and long since COVID waned. Yet public health agencies and medical societies are silent.

Life insurers have been consistently sounding the alarm over these unexpected or, "excess," deaths, which claimed 158,000more Americans in the first nine months of 2023 than in the same period in 2019. That exceeds America's combined losses from every war since Vietnam. Congress should urgently work with insurance experts to investigate this troubling trend.

With the worst of COVID behind us, annual deaths for all causes should be back to pre-pandemic levels โ€” or even lower because of the loss of so many sick and infirm Americans. Instead, the death toll remains "alarming," "disturbing," and deserving of "urgent attention," according to insurance industry articles.

Actuarial reports โ€” used by insurers to inform decisions โ€” show deaths occurring disproportionately among young working-age people. Nonetheless, America's chief health manager, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, opted in September to archive its excess deaths webpage with a note stating, "these datasets will no longer be updated."

Comment: See also: US life expectancy takes an unprecedented fall: Are mRNA "vaccines" to blame?

Alarm Clock

Montreal records 120% increase in HIV diagnoses last year

© Tracey Lindeman/CBCMontreal Public Health says a rise in HIV diagnoses can be explained by a catch-up in testing and new arrivals from countries where the infection is endemic.
Montreal Public Health says the number of HIV cases in the city jumped 120 per cent last year โ€” the largest increase in the last decade.

There were about 310 new diagnoses of HIV in 2022, compared to 141 in 2021. Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Montreal Public Health recorded about 200 new HIV diagnoses per year.

The jump is partially explained by an increase in testing, said Julian Gitelman, the lead physician for the sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections team at Montreal Public Health.

Comment: This is particularly notable because, also this year, Singapore saw a 10% spike in new HIV infections, the UK reported a rise of gonorrhea cases, and the US has seen record numbers of syphilis cases.

This also follows nearly 2 years of rolling lockdowns, where it's likely that there was actually a decline in sexual encounters.

Whilst increased testing may be a factor, as well as mass migration (at least in the case of the US and UK), it's also known that the experimental covid injections can significantly compromise the immunity of the recipient, and one wonders just how much that is contributing to the 'partial' explanations given above.

See also: Lethal Sex -The Rise of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the Age of Postmodernist Liberalism


Micro- and nanoplastics linked to parkinson's and dementia

© Andrzej Rostek/Shutterstock
That plastic water bottle you regularly drink from could one day decompose into tiny particles that wreak havoc in your brain.

New research shows that nanoplastics โ€” microscopic particles broken down from everyday plastic items โ€” bind to proteins associated with Parkinson's disease and Lewy body dementia.

These stealthy nanoparticles have already infiltrated our soil, water, and food supply. Now, they may pose the next great toxin threat, fueling a wave of neurodegenerative disease.

Plastic Cups, Utensils Identified as Risk Factors

Polystyrene nanoparticles, commonly found in plastic cups and utensils, bind to alpha-synuclein, a protein linked to Parkinson's disease and Lewy body dementia, the new study from Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment and the Department of Chemistry at Trinity College of Arts and Sciences found. The plastic-protein accumulation was seen in test tubes, cultured neurons, and mouse models.

The most surprising finding was the tight bonds formed between the plastic and protein within neuron lysosomes, according to Andrew West, the study's principal investigator. Lysosomes are digestive organelles within cells that use enzymes to break down waste materials and cellular debris.

Comment: See also: New research reveals secondary microplastics untreated in nature trigger severe brain inflammation

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US sees rise in 'White Lung Syndrome' cases: Is it linked to China's pneumonia outbreak?

man carries child hospital
© APA man carries a child walk out from a crowded holding room of a children's hospital in Beijing. A surge in respiratory illnesses across China has drawn the attention of the world.
Chinese hospitals are struggling. Personnel at medical facilities across the country are stressed as they keep pace with the high number of patients, especially children, suffering from bacterial pneumonia.

And it seems that this strain of bacterial pneumonia now dubbed White Lung Syndrome is also rearing its ugly head in the United States. Doctors in parts of Massachusetts and Ohio are reporting a spike in child pneumonia cases similar to the outbreak spreading in China.

We take a closer look at the cases in the US, and examine if it has a link to China. Moreover, we also see how this strain is also being detected in other countries and if there's a larger risk.

White Lung Syndrome outbreak in US

Warren County, in Ohio, has recorded a spike in hospitalisations with children reporting to have the mysterious pneumonia, which has been dubbed as the 'white lung syndrome', since August.

According to health officials in Warren County, there have been 142 paediatric cases of the condition. The officials said on Wednesday, "Not only is this above the county average, it also meets the Ohio Department of Health definition of an outbreak."

Comment: See also: