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Fri, 26 May 2017
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3 out of 4 German soldiers were killed by Soviet army during WWII

Never invade Russia
WWII's Eastern Front was by far the bloodiest theater of war the world has ever seen. It cost the lives of nearly 12 million combatants of which 4.3 million Axis troops including 3.55 million Germans - death tolls far in excess of those in the west

The best available estimate of WWII German military deaths comes from German historian Rüdiger Overmans. Most estimates are based on wartime casualty reports of the German military; but Overmans shows convincingly that the system was unreliable and eventually broke down, so that earlier estimates underestimate the number of German military men who fell in WWII.

Overmans, after extensive research of his own, put the total German military war dead at 5,318,000. This figure includes deaths of Volksturm militiamen and foreign volunteers of the Waffen SS and Wehrmacht. It does not include the deaths of Soviet citizens in German service.


Victory is meaningless without the victor's benevolence: Russian priest tells story of largest German WW2 cemetery in Russia

© RT
The German cemetery is important because “if the winner isn’t benevolent it means that he hasn’t really won… If he’s vengeful; if he’s cruel; if he doesn’t surpass the defeated side on an ethical level, then this victory is temporary. I think the Russians won that war not only with weapons, but with the moral values professed by our people and our culture".
Properly burying enemy soldiers is paramount, as victory is meaningless without the victor's benevolence, Orthodox Priest Father Vyacheslav, who helped organize one of Europe's largest German military cemeteries outside of St Petersburg, told RT.

More than 75,000 World War II troops are buried at the German military cemetery, which was opened in the Russian village of Sologubovka some 80 kilometers from Saint Petersburg in 2000, Father Vyacheslav said.

According to the official website of the German War Graves Commission, an NGO responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of German war graves in Europe and North Africa, some 54,000 German WWII soldiers are buried at the cemetery, which has space for 80,000 graves. The remains of more than 35,000 German soldiers have been identified so far, the commission says.


Russian MoD publishes one-of-a kind WWII archive videos

On the eve of Victory Day, the Russian Ministry of Defense published two unique WWII videos on its official website. The videos were released as part of the multimedia project named "Capturing Our Victory."

© Sputnik/Alexey Kudenko
The videos titled "Heroes of the Rear" and "The Frontline Routine" present a selection of unique photos made during the war. They reveal the difficulties Soviet citizens faced in the rear as well as the great contribution made by women and children to the victory over fascism.


80 years on: Hindenburg disaster theories detailed in declassified FBI records

Image dating from the 30's showing German giant airship Hindenburg flying over Manhattan, New York.
Some 80 years on from the Hindenberg disaster, doubt still grows over the cause of the devastating fire that brought down the airship.

Research into the iconic hydrogen airship's demise has yielded many theories. The prevailing one, backed by the US Department of Commerce, is that a hydrogen gas leak was ignited by static electricity in the air - but decades later, the prospect that the luxury airship could have been sabotaged continues to garner intrigue.

The idea was raised once again at a memorial for the 36 victims of the tragedy Saturday.


Russia declassifies secret report on horrifying Nazi crimes in wartime Ukraine

© Sputnik/ Oleg Knorring
The Russian Ministry of Defense has released a unique archive of documents detailing the atrocities and horrifying cruelty perpetrated by the Nazis during their occupation of the city of Kherson, Ukraine during World War II.

The documents, published on the Ministry's website this week, feature a report by Lieutenant-General Mikhail Rudkov, the head of the political department of the Third Ukrainian Front, dated April 3, 1944. The report lays out in detail the Nazi occupation forces' cruelty, including their torture and execution of tens of thousands of civilians, the looting, plundering and destruction of city property, and their attempts to impose a new political and ideological order in the occupied territory.

The document is accompanied by a forensic medical examination report, conducted after the exhumation of the bodies from mass graves seven kilometers outside the city.

Snakes in Suits

Merck's president led secret biowarfare program - influencing experiments on Americans

© Era of Wisdom,
Merck & Co. is the world's largest vaccine manufacturing corporation, and is one of the largest pharma companies in the world. They created such things as the MMR vaccine, and the HPV vaccine Gardasil.

As a corporation that has affected the lives of almost everyone around us in the Western world, with most people receiving their vaccinations that are known to do damage, we should know their history.

In this article, we will examine Merck's connection to biological warfare, and the implications of that connection.

Merck & Co. is not to be confused with the German "Merck KGaA," but they both originate from the original German Merck.

Merck was founded in 1668, in Germany.

By 1887, a US division of Merck called Merck & Co. was set up in New York by George Merck. George Merck moved to NY in 1891.

In April 1917, as the US entered the Great War (WWI), the government announced the seizure of corporations affiliated with Germany.


3,000yo hoard of Bronze Age axe heads uncovered in Norwegian field - find considered 'spectacular'

© Kristin Eriksen, NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet
An archaeological treasure trove of ancient ax heads uncovered in Norway is being hailed as one of the single biggest Bronze Age discoveries of its kind in the Nordic nation.

Researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) have confirmed that a total of 24 metal ax heads have now been found at a site known as Hegra Stjordal, following a second dig at the location last month.

"There have never been so many axes in a single deposit before in Norway, and they're rare in the Scandinavian context,"said NTNU archaeologist Merete Moe Henriksen.

Eye 2

The deep history of US and Britain's never-ending Cold War on Russia

After decades of delaying, the United Nations finally released archives from the Second World War-era war crimes commission investigating the Nazi Holocaust. The source of those archives on Nazi war crimes were Western governments, including those in exile at the time of the war, such as the Belgian, Polish and Czechoslovakian. The time period covered is 1943-1949. Washington and London had long sought to halt the release. Why?

Notably, the landmark publication of the files last month was given scant Western media coverage. Surprisingly, perhaps, because the story that can be gleaned from the documents tells of a hidden history of the Second World War, namely the systematic collusion between the American and British governments and the Nazi Third Reich.

As a report in Deutsche Welle remarked on the released archives: "The files make clear that [Western] Allied forces knew more about the Nazi concentration camp system before the end of the war than has generally been thought".

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Arnon Milchan: The movie producer involved in an Israeli nuclear smuggling ring

Arnon Milchan
Arnon Milchan is the Hollywood mogul behind films as diverse as JFK, Pretty Woman, Brazil, Fight Club, LA Confidential and Alvin and the Chipmunks. He was also an Israeli spy involved in smuggling equipment for the development of nuclear weapons. Milchan has spoken publicly about his role in this scandal, defying a request from Benjamin Netanyahu, though somewhat predictably this has involved telling a few porkies. What else would you expect from a spy and a Hollywood bigshot?


Newly identified dinosaur is earliest titanosaur on record

© Chase Stone/Imperial College London
A herd of Vouivria damparisensis dinosaurs roaming the coastline of ancient Europe.
About 160 million years ago, a gigantic, long-necked dinosaur — the earliest known titanosaur on record — swooped its lengthy neck to and fro as it foraged for a leafy meal in Jurassic-era France, a new study finds.

The newly identified dinosaur was immense: It weighed about 33,000 lbs. (15,000 kilograms), about equivalent to the weight of a garbage truck, and measured more than 50 feet (15 meters) long, or longer than a standard yellow school bus, the researchers said.

They named the newfound beast Vouivria damparisensis after the Old French word "vouivre," which is based on the Latin word for viper. The name is also tied to folk history: "La vouivre" is a legendary winged reptile in the region of French-Comte, where the fossils were found. The species name honors the village Damparis, where researchers found the specimen in the 1930s.