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Fox 5 reporter Arnold Diaz sued by ice cream chain D'Lites Emporium for 'Shame, Shame, Shame' piece

© Fox5Arnold Diaz in the 'Shame Shame Shame' segment at the heart of the D'Lites Emporium lawsuit.
A "Shame, Shame, Shame" segment aimed at an ice cream chain that bills itself as a "healthier alternative" to the frozen delight was "lame, lame, lame," according to a new lawsuit.

Television reporter Arnold Diaz is being sued by the owner of three D'Lites Emporium stores after the Fox 5 consumer advocate inducted the chain into his "Hall of Shame" for allegedly misleading consumers about the nutritional content of its ice cream.

Matthew Prince, who operates D'Lites stores in Bayside, Babylon and Commack, contends he was shamed last month in a "grossly irresponsible" eight-minute segment that accused the chain of selling products that aren't "low carbs" or "low in sugar."


US - Teenage girl stabbed in the chest by ex-boyfriend who raped her

A teenage girl was in critical condition after being stabbed Monday inside a Queens grocery store by a jealous ex-boyfriend who raped her two months ago, police sources said.

The 20-year-old suspect, Daniel Paguay, out on bail, fought with the girl and her new boyfriend, his cousin, outside a Corona supermarket.

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US - Heiress Huguette Clark leaves $33M to nurse, $500,000 to convicted sex offender, and ZILCH to family

© UnknownReclusive heiress Huguette Clark died at age 104 in May.
Reclusive Manhattan copper heiress Huguette Clark stiffed her relatives in her will, leaving the bulk of her $400 million fortune to charity - and a whopping $33 million to her nurse.

Clark, who died May 24 at Beth Israel Medical Center at the age of 104, also left $500,000 each to her lawyer, Wallace (Wally) Bock, 79, and her accountant, Irving Kamsler, 64, a convicted sex offender. The Manhattan district attorney's office is investigating Bock and Kamsler for possibly mishandling her riches.

"I intentionally make no provision in this, my Last Will and Testament, for any members of my family, whether on my paternal or maternal side, having had minimal contacts with them over the years," Clark wrote in her will filed yesterday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Clark's will was executed in April 2005, when she was 98 and purportedly of sound mind.

The closest person to a relative to benefit from Clark's last wishes was goddaughter Wanda Styka, who was bequeathed $12 million after taxes.

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US - 16-year-old North Carolina teen Rebecca Blackmore stabbed newborn, left body in her closet: cops

© Currituck County Sheriff's OfficeRebecca Blackmore, 16, was charged with first degree murder for allegedly killing her newborn baby, police say.
A teenager in North Carolina gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last Friday, then brutally stabbed her to death, authorities said.

The 16-year-old is now facing first-degree murder charges and is in the custody of the Currituck County Sheriff's Office.

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Pervert tax consultant posed as Harrods' modelling agent to trick women into bizarre sex acts

© Manchester Evening NewsConman: Jeffrey Edwards offered modelling work to 18 women over three years in a bid to seduce them
A tax consultant posed as a modelling agent for Harrods in a bid to trick women into bizarre sex acts.

Jeffrey Edwards scoured small ads and customers' details on his work database to identify victims. He told them he was a fashion industry insider called Brett Raphael.

The 47-year-old, from Stockport, Greater Manchester, offered modelling work to 18 women over three years, using home-made documents and cash to convince them he was a talent scout for top stores, including the famous Harrods store in London.

In fact, he had no connection with Harrods or any other shops.

But, once women had given him their phone number, Edwards, of Romiley, would 'relentlessly' text them asking for intimate details or making obscene suggestions.

He turned up on the doorstep of a young mum he met in the street even though she hadn't given him her address. Once inside Edwards demanded to see 'cleavage' and tried to coax her into posing topless for a photo-shoot.

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Rebels rape 100 women in Congo in latest mass rape

About 100 women have been sexually assaulted and many more injured in the latest mass rape by suspected rebels in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, international aid workers and local media reported Thursday.

The attacks took place between June 10 and 12 in villages about 25 miles north of the town of Fizi in South Kivu, medical charity Doctors Without Borders (MSF) told Reuters by telephone.

"We have medical teams in the area, we were about to start on a mass vaccination program when we started hearing stories of rape relating to these events," said Megan Hunter, the mission head in South Kivu, from the Dutch branch of MSF.

"We've certainly treated over 100 women who say they have been raped or are suffering trauma," she said, adding they were working with Congo's Ministry of Health officials to confirm the numbers of victims.

The attacks have been blamed on a group of about 200 rebels who had been integrated into the Congolese army before deserting this month, U.N.-backed Radio Okapi said.


US: Forced sterilization victims in North Carolina voice anger, grief

© AP"It's hard for me to accept or understand or even try to figure out why these kinds of atrocious acts could be carried out...," said Gov. Bev Perdue.
There is nothing the state of North Carolina can do, Elaine Riddick says, to make up for forcing her to be sterilized when she was 14 years old.

"They cut me open like I was a hog," said Riddick, who now lives in Atlanta. She spoke Wednesday at a hearing of a panel working to determine compensation for thousands of victims of the state's defunct eugenics program. "My heart bleeds every single day. I'm crushed. What can they do for me?"

Riddick, 57, was one of 13 people who spoke at the meeting, and one of nearly 3,000 living victims of the program, which was shuttered in 1977, three years after the last sterilization was performed.

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US: Arrest Ends Manhunt in New York Drug Store Shooting; 4 people Killed in Botched Long Island Robbery

© Stephen Barcelo for Daily NewsDavid Laffer is removed by police from his Medford, L.I., home which was raided by cops Wednesday morning in connection with the quadruple homicide at a pharmacy.
Medford - The tall, gaunt man entered the pharmacy cloaked in a loose sweat shirt, baseball cap and glasses. His thin face was hidden under a bushy beard as he opened fire, killing all four people inside during a robbery for painkillers.

Police circulated clear surveillance photos of the suspect after the weekend shooting, and received hundreds of tips in an intense manhunt that ended Wednesday with the capture of a 33-year-old who was led from his Long Island home in handcuffs.

David Laffer, who a few years ago proposed to his now-wife at a New York Islanders hockey game, was later arrested and charged with first-degree murder and resisting arrest, according to Suffolk County Police. He was being held overnight at the Fifth Precinct and was scheduled for arraignment Thursday, police said.

Laffer said nothing as he was led from police headquarters Wednesday wearing a white jumpsuit. He was later briefly hospitalized, but officials did not say why.

His wife, 29-year-old Melinda Brady, also was taken away. She was arrested on charges of robbery for her involvement in the drug store heist and obstructing governmental administration. Her role in the robbery wasn't specified. Police said she was being held overnight and also is to be arraigned Thursday.

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US: Why is there a Media Blackout on Nuclear Incident at Fort Calhoun in Nebraska?

Since flooding began on June 6th, there has been a disturbingly low level of media attention given to the crisis at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Facility near Omaha, Nebraska. But evidence strongly suggests that something very serious has in fact happened there.

On June 7th, there was a fire reported at Fort Calhoun. The official story is that the fire was in an electrical switchgear room at the plant. The apparently facility lost power to a pump that cools the spent fuel rod pool, allegedly for a duration of approximately 90 minutes.


US - Post office suspends retirement contributions

© Unknown
Washington - The financially troubled Postal Service is suspending its contributions to its employees' pension fund.

The agency said Wednesday it is acting to conserve cash as it continues to lose money. The post office was $8 billion in the red last year because of the combined effects of the recession and the switch of much mail business to the Internet. It faces the possibility of running short of money by the end of this fiscal year in September.

Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., called the announcement "the canary in the coal mine moment for the Postal Service."

"If we don't heed this warning and act quickly, the Postal Service as we know it will cease to exist in the very near future," said Carper, chairman of the Senate subcommittee with jurisdiction over the agency.

The post office needs reforms "to cut costs and protect taxpayers from an expensive bailout," said Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

The mailing industry echoed their comments.

Comment: One wonders why this is. Absent this singular regulation, the US Postal Service is one of the few profitable departments in the government