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Iran Threatens U.S. if Attacked

TEHRAN, Iran - If the United States were to attack Iran, the country would respond by striking U.S. interests all over the world, Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Thursday.

Red Flag

Iran says CIA, Mossad spy ring detected

Iran's intelligence minister said Thursday the government had detected a network of US and Israeli spies, and detained a second group of people who planned to go abroad for espionage training, state television reported.


Criminal code: "Environmental Crimes" raises fear over EU powers

For eurosceptics, the European Court of Justice ruling in September 2005 was like giving a child a loaded gun. It opened the way for the European Union to designate a new class of pan-European crimes, and how they should be punished.


Propaganda Alert! 'Mossad incapable of operating in Iran'

According to a report by Iran's Farsi news agency, the Mossad could not have been behind the death of one of its nuclear scientists three weeks ago, because Israeli operatives cannot penetrate the Iranian security apparatus.

An unnamed Iranian official was quoted as saying "None of the Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated by the Mossad because the Israeli intelligence agency is basically incapable of running operations inside of Iran."

The Iranian dismissal of the Mossad's capabilities came in response to a report in the Sunday Times of London that attributed the death of nuclear scientist Ardshir Hosseinpour to a Mossad assassination. The official Iranian position on the death of Hosseinpour, a professor at Shiraz University, is that he was killed by fumes from a faulty gas burner while he slept, and that his death was in no way connected to his role at Iran's uranium conversion facility in Isfahan, where uranium hexafluride is produced from uranium ore.

Comment: According to the Iran's Farsi news agency, reprinted here in the Jerusalem Post, just because an "unnamed Iranian official" declares that Mossad could not be operating inside Iran, then we must believe it to be true.

It is far more likely that the Mossad, with it's global reach and sordid history, has agents operating in most, if not all countries of the world, including Iran.

It has been obvious for some time that the middle east is headed for a nuclear showdown between Iran and Israel. It is possible that this conflict will eventually draw in competing global superpowers resulting in something akin to World War III. This time around, Iran and it's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are being set up to play the role of Germany and Hitler.

So, not only are there likely lots of Mossad agents working inside Iran, but at some higher level, both governments are working hand in hand.


SOTT Focus: The Tale Of The Unwitting "Suicide Bomber" And SuperBowl XLI

Today, Iraq, Baghdad, hot off the mainstream media presses, this just in:
More than 120 feared dead in Baghdad bombing

A suicide truck bomber struck a market in a predominantly Shiite area of Baghdad today, killing as many as 121 people among the crowd buying food for evening meals, one of the most devastating attacks in the capital since the war started.

The attacker was driving a truck carrying foodstuffs including oil and flour when he detonated a ton of explosives, destroying stores and stalls that had been set up in the busy outdoor Sadriyah market, police said.

The late-afternoon explosion was the latest in a series of attacks against mainly Shiite commercial targets in the capital. No group claimed responsibility for the attack, but it appeared to be part of a bid by Sunni insurgents to provoke retaliatory violence and kill as many people as possible ahead of a planned US-Iraqi security sweep.


Egyptian student was 'a Mossad agent'

Egypt's security echelon has been keeping track of a university student arrested under charges of passing information to Mossad agents, since 2002, the London-based newspaper Al-Hayat reported Sunday.

Mohammed al-Attar, the report said, left Egypt in 2001 to live in Turkey. He admitted to leaving because he was unable to integrate into the Egyptian society by his third year as a student at Al-Azhar University. He chose Turkey both because of the relative lenience found in receiving a tourist's visa and its proximity to Europe.


Psychopath Charles Krauthammer sez: Iraq was begging for it!

This week, Charles Krauthammer returns to his favorite theme of late: Iraq -- it's all the fault of the bloody wogs.


Best of the Web: What 'Israel's right to exist' means to Palestinians

Recognition would imply acceptance that they deserve to be treated as subhumans.

Since the Palestinian elections in 2006, Israel and much of the West have asserted that the principal obstacle to any progress toward Israeli-Palestinian peace is the refusal of Hamas to "recognize Israel," or to "recognize Israel's existence," or to "recognize Israel's right to exist."

Bad Guys

SOTT Focus: On This Day 1972: Bloody Sunday, Derry, N. Ireland

British Justice. Bloody Sunday, Derry, Jan 1972. That was then.

A civil rights march by 15,000 Irish Catholics in the city of Derry was attacked by members of the British paratroop regiment. Under direct orders to "get some kills", the British soldiers opened fire on unarmed demonstrators, killing thirteen including six children. Five of the dead had been shot in the back. One demonstrator was shot twice in the back as he lay wounded on the ground. Another was shot at close range in the face. There was also evidence to suggest that some soldiers had used modified 'dum dum' bullets that create a larger wound with greater blood loss and trauma.

All the dead were unarmed members of the civilian community.


China missile test was legal

Near-Earth orbit has become a more dangerous place, after the People's Republic of China became the third nation to test an anti-satellite weapon.

While Beijing has been silent on the matter, US intelligence sources say a medium-range ballistic missile was launched from China's Xichang space centre in Sichuan province on 11 January. The weapon is believed to have had a hardened warhead, which smashed into and ripped apart a defunct Chinese weather satellite flying at an altitude of 850 kilometres.