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Aide alleges Israel poisoned Arafat

Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat was poisoned by Israel, one of his advisers said Sunday.

The option is being seriously considered by the PA, which has sent blood samples to the US and Germany to confirm or rule out the option, he said.Arafat suffers symptoms similar to those of former PFLP military leader Wadi'a Hadad, he said.

Hadad was poisoned in the late 1970s by a close aide who was allegedly recruited by the Mossad, the adviser said, although the official reason for his death was cancer.

"It took Hadad eight weeks to die... he also entered a coma", he said, "Unless they find an antidote, Arafat will die," he added.


Mossad murdered 530 Iraqi scientists

Assassinations of Iraq academics in Iraq never existed prior to April 2003

Numerous reports for many months have stated that with collaboration from American occupation forces, Israel's espionage apparatus, Mossad, slaughtered at least 530 Iraqi scientists and academic professors.

Persistent Israeli hit squads against Iraqi scientists had been active in Iraq since April 2003, but the latest chapter was uncovered on Tuesday, 14 June 2005 by the Palestine Information Center which, citing a report compiled by the United States Department of State and intended for the American President, stated that Israeli and foreign agents sent by Mossad, in cooperation with United States, to Iraq, killed at least 350 Iraqi scientists and more than 200 university professors and academic personalities .

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SOTT Focus: SOTT Podcast: Unlimited Energy and Doomsday Scenarios - Part 2

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Wrapping up our conversation with astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Petit, we look at several doomsday scenarios. One from Sandia, another from Lambda Corporation, and another from the Pentagon. Is this the future that our leaders have in store for us?

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Once more unto the breach

The current 'crisis' regarding Iran's nuclear ambitions is nothing more than a facilitator for war.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has just released a report concerning Iran's nuclear programme, in which it notes that Iran has failed to comply with the UN security council's demands to cease its nuclear enrichment programmes. The IAEA report finds that Iran has, in defiance of the security council, in fact carried out a successful test to enrich uranium to the low levels needed in the production of nuclear energy. The IAEA also found that Iran had failed to provide a level of cooperation and transparency necessary for the IAEA to exclude the possibility of an Iranian nuclear weapons programme being carried out under the guise of civilian nuclear energy activities.


Impatient Mossad warns of (lies about) 'monster in the making'

"This is what we know and this is what we'll do if you continue to do nothing"
If the visit to Washington last week by the head of Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency, was not enough to communicate Israel's growing impatience with the international community's failure to deal with Tehran's unchecked development of nuclear technology and bellicose threats to wipe the Jewish state "off the map," Ehud Olmert, prime minister designate, made it clear yesterday by denouncing Iran's president as a "psychopath" and comparing him to Hitler.

Mossad chief Meir Dagan, in Washington last week in preparation for a visit to the U.S. by Olmert on May 23, held secret meetings with U.S. officials to discuss Iran's nuclear program, reports the London Times. While details of the meetings were not revealed, it is believed Dagan met with his counterparts at the CIA, the Pentagon and the National Security Council.

"Dagan is not given to small talk and niceties," said an Israeli intelligence source, who believes Dagan's message to Washington policy makers was simple and blunt: "This is what we know and this is what we'll do if you continue to do nothing."

Comment: Let there be no mistake about the real identities of the motivators behind the entire War on the Middle East.


Best of the Web: The Hariri File: The Book that Implicates Washington

According to a book published by German journalist Jurgen Cain Kulbel, the United States and Israel could be linked to the assassination of the former Lebanese prime minister, Rafik Hariri

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SOTT Focus: A Lesson In Essential Psychopathy

Yesterday, in comments by the new Israeli PM Ehud Olmert, we were provided with an important lesson in, and example of, essential psychopathy:

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SOTT Focus: SOTT Podcast: Unlimited Energy and Doomsday Scenarios - Part 1

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Signs of the Times editors Scott Ogrin, Joe Quinn, and Henry See welcome back astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Petit. In part one of their conversation, Jean-Pierre discusses a possible breakthrough that could lead to the production of limitless amounts of energy through clean nuclear fusion. However, the Z Machine experiment, carried out at the US government's Sandia Research Center, should it prove to be a viable basis for the production of energy, is in the hands of the military-industrial complex. What needs to be done to make this project, or any scientific advances done under the auspices of the military, available for civil use? Next week, we discuss several doomsday scenarios, one written by the director of the Z Machine project.

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What's really happening in Tehran

[...] As some Iranian analysts and ministry officials have told Asia Times Online in Tehran off the record, there are reasons to believe the leadership is misreading an avalanche of US signs related to the military and psychological preparation for a possible war.

For instance, fundamentalist Christians in the US - who support Zionism for theological reasons - unleashed a ferocious media campaign depicting Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad as the Antichrist who wants to destroy Jerusalem and prevent Jesus' comeback.

There are even indications that the Iranian leadership has not taken the Bush administration's explicit desire for regime change seriously. It's as if the leadership is persuading itself Washington would never dare to escalate the situation - especially after such US bodies as the Union of Concerned Scientists and the National Academy of Sciences have stated that a tactical nuclear strike could kill more than a million Iranians.

At Monday's press conference, Ahmadinejad, asked about possible military strikes, smiled broadly and dismissed the notion. "Military attacks? On what pretext?" he asked, adding that Iran was strong and could defend itself.

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Is the U.S. waging Israel's wars?

Many throughout the Muslim world and beyond are asking this question: What are the real reasons behind the US invasion of Iraq and its wish to overthrow the governments of Syria and Iran?

For all their grandiose posturing, in truth, Iraq, Syria and Iran have never posed a direct threat to the US mainland. Put simply, they're too far away from the neighbourhood. So why would the US be willing to expend so many human lives and so much treasury on changing the regimes of countries it doesn't like?

Theories abound. At the top of the list is America's quest for oil, a shrinking, non-renewable resource. But, in reality, the US gets very little of its oil from the Middle East and the Gulf. Most comes from South America and Africa.

Another theory revolves around the petrodollar monopoly, which both Iraq and Iran have sought to disband by trading their oil in Euros. There may be something in this one but it doesn't explain why Syria is in the firing line.