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Israel staggered by Egypt protests, social tensions at home


The right-wing Israeli government of Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has been staggered by the massive demonstrations and strike wave engulfing Egypt, its critical Arab ally in the region, and the simultaneous emergence of social opposition in Israel itself.

In recent weeks, there have been several demonstrations in Israel's predominantly Arab towns in support of the Egypt protests, including a small one in Tel Aviv of Palestinian and Jewish Israelis. In addition, Israel's newspapers have noted in passing expressions of public sympathy for the mass protests in Egypt calling for an end to the Mubarak regime.

Not so the Israeli government. In speech after speech, Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has warned that should the Mubarak dictatorship fall, chaos will prevail. Though the Muslim Brotherhood do not have majority support and have made very clear their intention not to lead protests against Mubarak, Netanyahu constantly raises the spectre of the Islamic revolution in Iran: the Islamists, meaning the Muslim Brotherhood, will take control in Egypt, abrogate the 1978-9 peace deal at Camp David, and march on Israel.


Bahrain says supports Egyptian people's choice

Bahrain dinars

Dubai - Bahrain respects the choice of the Egyptian people, the pro-government Al Watan newspaper quoted a government statement as saying on Saturday, a day after mass protests in Egypt forced President Hosni Mubarak to resign.

The island kingdom, where a Sunni minority reigns over a Shi'ite majority, said it is confident in the ability of the Egyptian Higher Military Council to establish security and stability, the paper reported.

Mubarak's 30 years of autocratic rule ended on Friday after 18 days of street protests, just four weeks after Tunisians toppled their own ageing strongman.


Flashback SOTT Focus: Mass Mind Control

Comment: When considering current events, it is often useful to review past events and compare. The following article was written by Laura Knight-Jadczyk in 2005. Please read it carefully and especially consider the last few paragraphs in view of the Egyptian Revolution.

Where did Flight 77 go? We don't know. But in a world ruled by psychopaths, options are open to them that would never be considered by humans.
July 23, 2005: Funny thing: I'm taking a French class in Toulouse. In the class, I met two Americans who vacation on their boat for two months every year. It is currently tied up in Toulouse. He is retired from advertising, she is a school teacher who will retire next year. They made a few remarks about the U.S. and creeping fascism, so I decided to invite them down to the house for an afternoon chat.

Well, of course, we gradually approached the subject of 9-11, but right there they balked. Yes, they firmly believe that a bunch of Fundies have taken over the government and they don't like it, but they just had a lot of trouble "going there" when considering the idea that 9-11 was designed to facilitate the Fundie take-over, and that the Fundie position itself was probably a manipulation.

So, we lent them David Ray Griffen's book, The New Pearl Harbor, to sort of "break it to them gently." After a few days, they gave it back with a stunned look in their eyes, and I gave them a couple more: Thierry Meyssan's books. A day or so later, the fellow told me: okay, I can accept that the government might be complicit in 9-11... but if a 757 didn't hit the Pentagon, what happened to IT?

And that's where they got stuck.

They know all about Pearl Harbor and other similar events, they understand that the U.S. government can, has and DOES engage in covert operations in order to get the public to support whatever power mongering urge they may have at the moment, but that was THEN and this is NOW. It can't happen NOW! Even though they say "yeah, we agree that nothing about the Pentagon makes a lick of sense, it sure does SEEM like there was no 757, but where is the 757, what happened to the people on it? How could so many people keep quiet?"

Ah, the 64,000 Dollar Question.


Ron Paul Supporters Call Cheney and Rumsfeld "War Criminals" at CPAC

In true Orwellian fashion, Dick Cheney presented Donald Rumsfeld with the "Defender of the Constitution Award" at the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Turns out, they're not even welcome around their own party. Ron Paul supporters were on hand to shout and boo them down, screaming "War criminal!"

3 minute mark is my favorite part:


Uh Oh! Wisconsin (USA) Governor Walker May Call In National Guard as State Employees Learn of Budget Proposal

Gov. Scott Walker says he is confident state workers will continue to show up for work and do their jobs, despite their potential disappointment in his emergency budget proposal.

However, if there is worker unrest, Walker says the Wisconsin National Guard is prepared to respond.
The governor revealed Friday that he wants the state Legislature to go into Special Session next week to take up his plan to close a budget deficit. His plan calls for workers to lose nearly all their collective bargaining rights. State employees also would be required to pay more for pension and health care benefits.


After Mubarak, U.S. Intelligence Officers Look to Monitor Mideast 'Aftershocks'

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Protests across the Middle East have claimed two autocrats, one in Tunisia and one in Egypt.

The question U.S. intelligence officials are now asking themselves is: Who's next?

Though the White House hailed as "pivotal" Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's decision Friday to resign and transfer power, the historic moment raises immediate concerns about stability in the rest of the region.

The Arab world is filled with countries facing conditions just like those that sparked the two successful uprisings -- autocratic regimes, disenchanted youth, economic hardship and a lack of personal and political freedoms. Barring Lebanon, Iraq and the Palestinian territories, the 22-member Arab League is a democracy-free zone when it comes to those at the top.


Switzerland freezes Mubarak's assets

frozen money

The Swiss government has taken steps to freeze any assets belonging to former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his allies, shortly after the 82-year-old transferred power to the military.

"The Federal Council (government) has decided to freeze any assets of the former Egyptian president and his entourage in Switzerland with immediate effect," AFP quoted the Swiss foreign ministry as saying in a statement released on Friday.

The ministry added that the three-year freeze seeks to prevent any possible embezzlement of Egyptian state property.

Bad Guys

The Reign of the Psychopaths

psycho w/ knife
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One of the key traits of psychopathic personality disorder is a near-total absence of empathy. To the psychopath, other people exist as mere objects, to be used and discarded at the psychopath's whim.

"I had to beat my mother with that baseball bat," claims the typical psychopath. "She wouldn't give me her pension check, and I needed it to buy more beer."

Such statements are made without irony or sarcasm, since the psychopath literally cannot imagine that other human beings might have needs distinct from his own.

While watching events unfold these past weeks in Egypt, it became apparent to me that the United States is suffering from a foreign policy malady frighteningly analogous to psychopathic personality disorder.

On one hand, the history of the Mubarak regime is well-documented. For decades, the Egyptian people have lived in grinding poverty - on less than $2 per day, by some estimates - while Mubarak and his family have amassed vast fortunes. The Egyptian government routinely uses torture against its political opponents and denies the people even basic freedoms. Election fraud, censorship, and police brutality are realities of everyday Egyptian life.

That the Egyptian people have rebelled against such a regime should come as no surprise. And one would expect that the American government - itself the creation of a revolution against an authoritarian monarchy - would support their cause, at least morally if not materially.


SOTT Focus: Ruppert and Hopsicker Co-Opting the 9-11 Truth Movement Or Exposing the Big Con - Lies and Disinformation At The End Of Civilisation As We Know It

© UnknownMichael C. Ruppert

Febuary 7 2005: In looking at the best known "big names" among those individuals allegedly attempting to uncover the truth about 9-11, high up on the list (at the moment anyway) we find Mike Ruppert of 'From the Wilderness'.

Ruppert has been making alternative news headlines for the past few months over two issues: the flack he has been taking, and giving, in a war of words with several high profile 9-11 investigators, and the issue of "Peak Oil". Quite often the two controversies are related.

Light Sabers

Mubarak Steps Down as President, Army Takes Over!

© Al-Jazeera screengrab

Crowds in Cairo Erupt Into Cheers: 'Egypt is Free'

Egypt's embattled President Hosni Mubarak abruptly stepped down as president, ending his 30-year-rein, and Egyptian armed forces will take over the leadership of the country, vice president Omar Suleiman announced today.

Crowds gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square erupted into loud cheers, chanting "Egypt is free," as the historic announcement was made.

"My fellow citizens. In this difficult time that the country is going through, the president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak has decided to relieve himself of his position as president and the Supreme military council has taken control of the state's affairs. May God protect us," Suleiman announced on national TV.