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Sun, 17 Dec 2017
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Prayers serve as money at Croatian cafe

Customers at a newly-opened coffee shop in the Croatian capital of Zagreb pay with prayers instead of money for drinks, the Ananova news website said on Tuesday.

The number of prayers depends on a kind of a drink the visitor wants to order. The most expensive beverage at the Jedro cafe is Coca-Cola, which costs five 'Hail Marys,' while a cappuccino costs four 'Our Fathers'.

Light Sabers

Health and safety rules trip up pancake race

A Cathedral pancake race that is part of a 600-year-old tradition has been stopped because of health and safety rules.

The bell at Ripon Cathedral, which has rung at 11am to mark Shrove Tuesday since the 15th century, has signalled the start of the city's pancake race for the past 11 years.



US: Texas mayor resigns over Shih Tzu

The mayor of a small town in Texas has resigned after secretly keeping her neighbour's Shih Tzu while pretending it had died.

Neighbours had asked Alice Mayor Grace Saenz-Lopez to look after the dog, Puddles, during a holiday. She called them to say it was dead.

©Alice Echo-News
The dog's name was changed from Puddles to Panchito

Life Preserver

Student's mouth-to-muzzle saves tiger cub

BERLIN - A German medical student got some unexpected practical experience at the zoo when she gave the kiss of life to a baby tiger choking on a piece of meat, the zoo director said Friday.

The student was passing the enclosure with her toddler son on a visit several weeks ago when she noticed the 4-month-old tiger choking and offered her assistance to the helpless keeper, said Andreas Jacob, director of the zoo in the eastern German city of Halle.


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NASA to beam Beatles' 'Across the Universe' to aliens

LONDON - An intergalactic celebration of The Beatles is launched on Monday with the beaming of their peace anthem "Across the Universe" into outer space.

The man behind the idea, which marks the 40th anniversary of the recording of the song in 1968, is an avid Beatles fan who has persuaded U.S. space agency NASA to kick off the party and now hopes to convert alien life forms to The Beatles.

Light Saber

Greek island of Icaria turns down public holiday

A small group of civil servants on the Aegean island of Icaria decided not follow their colleagues in the rest of Greece and take the leave the government had offered for the funeral of Archbishop Christodoulos on Thursday, it emerged yesterday.

The vast majority of public services in Greece were shut for the funeral but the public officials on Icaria, an island known for doing things its own way, took a stand against the decision to give bureaucrats the day off.


Man Jailed For Making Crosswalk, Plans More

MUNCIE, Ind. -- Whitney Stump didn't like watching drivers ignore the stop signs at the intersection outside his home, so he asked the city to paint crosswalks there.

When the city said no, he made one himself, and the city didn't appreciate it, WRTV in Indianapolis reported.

Stump, a 27-year-old Ball State University graduate student and father, said he was arrested once on a charge of criminal mischief for creating the crosswalk. He was arrested a second time when he went back to touch up the paint.


What a Nasty Letter for Only $16.96!

Buffalo, New York - A collection agency tried to collect a $16.96 debt with an letter that addressed its recipient with a four-letter word for excrement. "Dear S---," began the letter attempting to collect from an old record club membership. The word was spelled out in the letter, which arrived in an envelope addressed to "S--- Face."


Vietnam moms rush deliveries as Year of Golden Pig comes to an end

Expectant mothers are asking doctors to deliver their babies prematurely, via Caesarean section, so they can be born before the end of the lucky "Year of the Golden Pig," Vietnamese doctors said Thursday. Vietnam, which traditionally follows the Chinese lunar calendar, will celebrate its New Year, known as "Tet," on February 7.

Bizarro Earth

Mexican hen lays green eggs

A chicken named Rabanita from the central Mexican village of Huecatitla became a local celebrity after her owner said she lays green eggs, the Televisa TV channel said on Thursday.

The owner Elvira Romero said that she was given Rabanita as part of governmental aid for villagers. At first the ordinary-looking brown hen was no different to her other 13 birds, but suddenly on December 5 she began laying green eggs.