© UnknownBoeing jet in flames • Toronto Pearson Airport
An Air Canada Boeing plane burst into flames immediately after takeoff on Wednesday night at the Toronto Pearson Airport.

Flight AC872 was en route to Paris when the frightening deal occurred. The plane's engine began spewing fire and prompted an emergency landing just thirty minutes after departure, according to the Daily Mail.

"Holy crap!" gasped an individual who captured the terrifying incident on video, which showed flames shooting out of the engine shortly after leaving the runway.

"We've got an engine fire," the man could be heard saying in the video. "Holy sh*t!"

Following the incident, Air Canada released a statement and explained the aircraft had suffered an "engine issue." The plane was carrying 389 passengers and no injuries were reported. The pilot conducted an emergency landing and fire crews met the plane once it landed on the runway.

The airline said that the plane was "taken out of service" after it was inspected by airport response vehicles, and will undergo further evaluation by maintenance staff and engineers. Passengers were rebooked on a different flight later that evening, said Air Canada.

Boeing has come under fire over the past several months following multiple plane malfunctions. Recently, Alaska Airlines was forced to ground all Boeing 737-9 MAX aircraft after a panel flew off the side of the two-month-old aircraft during a flight from Portland, Oregon to Ontario, California.

Since that terrifying incident, which caused depressurization of the cabin, Boeing planes have suffered numerous mechanical issues and malfunctions. As a result, the CEO of Boeing, David Calhoun, announced that he would be stepping down by the end of the year.