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California is facing a massive budget deficit and boasts the largest homeless population in the US. The state is expanding the Medi-Cal program under Medicare to provide 700,000 illegal migrants with free healthcare. Leave it to Governor Gavin Newsom to focus on non-issues like children's toys. His entire platform is based on pandering to the far-left as his state crumbles. California is now prohibiting toy stores from gendering toys.

Any large retailer that fails to implement a gender-neutral toy aisle will be faced with a fine of up to $500. Those who break the law may face civil suits "enforced through legal proceedings initiated by the state attorney general, district attorney, or city attorney." This is a milder version of the original bill that attempted to BAN stores from displaying gendered toys and clothes.

The funding for this should go into mental healthcare. This extremism borders on child abuse. Children do not even understand the term "gender-neutral" nor should they. If your daughter wants to play with a toy car, you're free to walk into the toy aisle to purchase one. The indoctrination starts at an extremely young age. This legislation will teach Generation Alpha that it is not okay to be masculine or feminine. We must live in a genderless society to appease the WOKE.

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In addition to corrupting the youth of America, the law blatantly infringes upon the First Amendment. Will religious store owners have the option to opt-out of this ridiculous law? I personally have fond memories of my children running up and down the toy aisles. Nothing is sacred anymore.

All of that is coming to an end in California as kids will question why there is a special section for the children of far-left liberals who were raised to believe that femininity and masculinity is wrong. The woke completely ignores biology that has been passed down throughout the ages to preserve the human race. Parents are now beneath the government and do not have a say in how their children are exposed to adult topics.

Gavin Newsom's goal of becoming the wokest state in the nation is working, and people are leaving in droves. Newsom certainly did not have gender-neutral toy aisles when President Xi came to visit. If he feels so strongly about this topic, he should do his next debate in a dress. This is a direct attack on the children of America, and everyone wants to know WHY they are so focused on turning every child into a they/them. They are not the government's children, as the president once claimed, and parents have every right to be outraged by the deeply disturbed woke agenda.