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Leftist media organization Vox tried to smear the anti-child trafficking film, Sound of Freedom, as "extremism" that is "at least as dark and dangerous" as child trafficking itself.

Sound of Freedom has hit over $100 million at the box office following its release. It has also gotten a number of hit pieces from left-wing news organizations attempting to smear the movie as QAnon conspiracy propaganda.

Vox went a step further and published an article comparing the movie to child trafficking itself.

The hit piece said the movie, is a "giant dog whistle for QAnon recruitment" and relies on a report from Vice that dubs the hashtag #SaveOurChildren as "QAnon-related."

Tim Ballard, the person who the movie is based on, has repeatedly addressed claims the movie is related to any QAnon conspiracy, and did so again at the Turning Point Action conference.

Ballard said the "film was produced and written about six, seven years ago, before anyone heard the name 'QAnon.' So it's impossible that there's something [QAnon-related] in there. But they don't care."

The Vox article posed the rhetorical question: "Can such faith-based cultural products even exist at this point, let alone serve their specific malnourished target audience, without also fomenting extremist rhetoric, bigotry, and attacks on progressive ideals?"

The article said that the "rugged individualism and masculine rogue operatives on display" in the movie was "precisely tailored to cater to [conservatives] views of idealized America."

The article heaped other movies in with this kind of "masculine" messaging, such as Top Gun, which the article claims, "keep us from criticizing America's military-industrial complex." Adding more comparison to Top Gun, the article alleges Sound of Freedom "keep[s] us from scrutinizing hyperbolic, alarmist cries about child trafficking too closely."

Just before comparing Sound of Freedom to the evils of trafficking in the piece, the article says the movie is a "myth" to "create shrill narratives with which to demonize the left and other perceived outsiders."

In summation, the article compares Sound of Freedom to "a form of extremist propaganda" and essentially equates it with child-sex trafficking when it argues that the "extremism" is "at least as dark and dangerous as the very thing Sound of Freedom wants to combat."