Something to consider; If the vaxxxed start dropping in winter, the symptoms would be very similar to the Marburg virus. You could very easily blame this wave of death on this rare, ebola-like virus, fooling people into not blaming the vaxxx itself." Rosie's Tactical Sandbag @DarnelSugarfoo
Marburg is a hemorrhagic fever that kills the majority of the people it infects. Fortunately, no one in the United States has ever died from Marburg nor has any American ever been infected by the disease. The reason for this is not hard to understand. The virus is native to Africa and is transmitted to humans via monkeys and bats that live in that area. In other words, there is no evidence that Americans are at risk of contracting or dying from Marburg. Nevertheless, in December 2020, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued a "Notice of Declaration" in which they stated the following:
The recurrent but unpredictable and variable nature of Marburg disease outbreaks and the transmission profile makes marburgviruses a threat to the public health security of the American people, requiring vigilance and a continuing need for development of medical countermeasures. Similar to determinations and experiences with Ebola virus outbreaks, marburgvirus has been determined to have the potential to be a threat to US public health security." Notice of Declaration
This is just wrong. There's no evidence that Americans are at risk of contracting or dying from Marburg. There have been no outbreaks in the US and no proof there will be any in the future. So, why would HHS deceive the public on a matter of such importance? That's the question?

In order to figure out why HHS issued its "Declaration", we need to look at the declaration itself which is available at the Federal Register under the title "Notice of Declaration Under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act for Countermeasures Against Marburgvirus and/or Marburg Disease."

The document is quite long and written in a type of legal language that many may find hard to read. Still, we think it is worth the time and effort. What you will discover is that HHS has created the legal and contractual infrastructure needed for the production of more experimental vaccines. That's what this is all about. HHS has made unsupportable claims about Marburg in order to fabricate a public health crisis that will serve as a green-light for more vaccines. As always, the implementing of agenda-driven policies requires a fair-amount of fearmongering which is certainly the case here. Here's more from the Notice of Declaration:
Marburg disease is a highly virulent disease that causes hemorrhagic fever, with a case fatality rate of approximately 88 percent. Humans can become infected with marburgviruses, but it is largely unknown how marburgvirus transmits from its animal host to humans.... After the initial crossover of the virus from host animal to humans, transmission can occur through person-to-person contact. This may happen in several ways: Direct contact to droplets of body fluids from infected persons, or contact with equipment and other objects contaminated with infectious blood or tissues. The virus can spread between humans in close environments and through direct contact.' Notice of Declaration
On the issue of "transmission": It would be interesting to know how many people believe that Marburg was transmitted from animal-to-humans (as stated above) or assume that these oddball pathogens actually originated at one of Uncle Sam's 300-or-so bioweapons labs around the world? Here's more from the Declaration:
Declaration for Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act Coverage for Countermeasures Against Marburgvirus and/or Marburg Disease

I have determined that Marburg disease and marburgviruses are a credible risk such that Marburg disease or marburgviruses may in the future constitute a public health emergency.....

I have considered the desirability of encouraging the design, development, clinical testing, or investigation, manufacture, labeling, distribution, formulation, packaging, marketing, promotion, sale, purchase, donation, dispensing, prescribing, administration, licensing, and use of the Covered Countermeasures.

I recommend, under the conditions stated in this Declaration, the manufacture, testing, development, distribution, administration, and use of the Covered Countermeasures". Notice of Declaration
Can you see how wrong this is? The HHS Secretary is using a fake public health emergency to scare the hell out of people so he can hand billions of dollars to his friends at big pharma. But the fact is, Marburg is not a credible public health threat at all, not even close. How can you announce a public health emergency when no one has contracted the disease? It's ridiculous. So, why is the Secretary doing this? It's obvious that government lawyers have spent a great deal of time and energy creating the legal and contractual framework for this operation, but why? What is the objective?

WHO prepare for disease
The objective is hidden in the above quote: "I have considered the desirability of encouraging the... development... of Covered Countermeasures." Those "countermeasures" are in fact vaccines. The HHS Secretary is calling for another round of experimental vaccines to respond to a pandemic that has not yet materialized. And - given that three years have passed since HHS's original declaration- we think it's highly-probable that a Marburg vaccine has already been developed and stockpiled in some remote storage facility owned by big pharma. We can't verify that but - judging from past experience - we think that is more than likely. Here another quote from the text that underscores the point we are trying to make:
Covered Countermeasures are any antiviral, any other drug, any biologic, any diagnostic, any other device, or any vaccine, used to treat, diagnose, cure, prevent, or mitigate Marburg disease..." Notice of Declaration
There it is in black and white: Vaccines. This has nothing to do with a fake Marburg pandemic. HHS is laying the groundwork for another round of injections. And, from the looks of it, they may be very close to achieving their goal. Check it out:
Marburg Vaccine Development

A newly published paper in The Lancet shows that an experimental vaccine against Marburg virus (MARV) was safe and induced an immune response in a small, first-in-human clinical trial. The vaccine, developed by researchers at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health, could someday be an important tool to respond to Marburg virus outbreaks....

The investigational vaccine appeared to induce strong, long-lasting immunity to the MARV glycoprotein: 95% of participants in the trial exhibited a robust antibody response after vaccination, and 70% maintained that response for more than 48 weeks.

...If additional data supports the promising results seen in the Phase 1 trial, the cAd3-Marburg virus vaccine could someday be used in emergency responses to MARV outbreaks." Marburg vaccine shows promising results in first-in-human study", National Institute of Health
Well, that didn't take long, did it? A little tweaking here-and-there and - Presto - we have a new vaccine. Are you surprised?

You shouldn't be. Unfortunately, any progress in R&D needs to be tempered with a healthy dose of reality, such as, any public health emergency would, once again, preclude proper testing, clinical trials and traditional regulatory oversight. We can be dead-certain of that. We can also be sure that any new regime of experimental vaccines will be forced on the public whether they want them or not. Also, the abuse of the Emergency Use Authorization (EAU) ensures that from-this-point-on the ingesting of new medications will be a crapshoot at best. Don't expect any guarantees of safety, because there won't be any.

Did you know that researchers have already invented a PCR test for Marburg? It's true. This is from the CDC website updated on April 19, 2023:
"Antigen-capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) testing, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and IgM-capture ELISA can be used to confirm a case of MVD within a few days of symptom onset.... The IgG-capture ELISA is appropriate for testing persons later in the course of disease or after recovery. In deceased patients, immunohistochemistry, virus isolation, or PCR of blood or tissue specimens may be used to diagnose MVD retrospectively." (CDC Website)
So, a PCR test was developed at great expense for a disease that has only killed a handful of people globally and for which there is no immediate, pressing need. Does that make sense to you?

Did you know any of this? Did you know that HHS had designated a rare, hemorrhagic fever named Marburg, as a "public health emergency" requiring vast resources for the development of countermeasures? Did you know all these legal and operational conditions were put into place 3 years ago in 2020? Did you know HHS has provided blanket immunity to drug companies for the manufacturing of experimental vaccines for diseases that have not yet infected even one American? Did you know that vaccine development for the Marburg virus is well under way and that a PCR test has already been invented?

This is all very weird, and there's more, too, like this bizarre response from Bill Gates about the prospect of another pandemic. Check it out:

Bill Gates: "We'll have to prepare for the next one (pandemic). That, I'd say will get attention this time"

Why is Bill Gates so confident there's going to be another pandemic, and why the smirk? Does Gates know something we don't know?

And why - on April 22, 2021 - did Gates' GAVI Alliance post an article titled "The Next Pandemic: Marburg?"

Did Gates know that just four months after the article was published, a Marburg outbreak would take place in Equatorial Guinea (35 fatalities) followed shortly after by an outbreak in Tanzania? (6 fatalities) That's quite a coincidence, don't you think? Here's the story from WHO Africa:
Health authorities in Guinea today confirmed a case of Marburg virus disease in the southern Gueckedou prefecture. This is the first time Marburg, a highly infectious disease that causes haemorrhagic fever, has been identified in the country, and in West Africa....

"We applaud the alertness and the quick investigative action by Guinea's health workers. The potential for the Marburg virus to spread far and wide means we need to stop it in its tracks," said Dr Matshidiso Moeti, World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Director for Africa...

An initial team of 10 WHO experts, including epidemiologists and socio-anthropologists is on the ground helping to investigate the case and supporting the national health authorities to swiftly step up emergency response, including risk assessment, disease surveillance, community mobilization, testing, clinical care, infection prevention as well as logistical support.

Cross-border surveillance is also being enhanced to quickly detect any cases, with neighboring countries on alert. West Africa's first-ever case of Marburg virus disease confirmed in Guinea, WHO
"Highly infectious"? Marburg is not highly infectious. Most Marburg outbreaks involve less than 30 people. Why is the WHO lying about this? Here's more from CNN:
Marburg is a rare but highly fatal viral fever that causes uncontrolled bleeding, similar to Ebola.... It can spread through contact with an infected person's blood and other body fluids or through fluids from infected animals. It does not spread through the air like the virus that causes Covid-19...

Marburg virus is not contagious until symptoms appear. These can include fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, gastrointestinal symptoms and unexplained bleeding..

In late March, the Ministry of Health of Tanzania announced an outbreak in the northwest part of the country. As of April 5, there have been eight lab-confirmed cases, and five of those people have died.

The CDC said there is no evidence to suggest that the two outbreaks are related. Most experts agree that these cases represent two independent animal-to-human spillover events...

avoid contact with fruit bats and primates in areas where there are outbreaks, since both animals are known to be carriers for the virus." ("CDC warns doctors to watch for Marburg virus amid outbreaks in two African nations", CNN
Marburg Africa
Let me get this straight: An extremely rare hemorrhagic fever breaks out in two separate locations just a month apart but we are assured that it jumped from a "fruit bat or a primate"?

Really? Isn't it just as likely that the people may have been infected as part of a biological experiment conducted by governments who regularly engage in that type of activity? (Guess who?)

Some readers might be wondering whether there is an operational link between the Covid-19 pandemic and the Marburg phenom which is just getting off the ground.

We think there is, but before we make that connection, we want to provide some new information on 'who was actually running the show' during the Covid pandemic and how their involvement ensured that the vaccines would not be either safe or effective. Here's an excerpt from an interview with former pharmaceutical executive and entrepreneur, Sasha Latypova:

SASHA LATYPOVA PhD: Operation Warp Speed is headed by the Department of Defense

I am researching adverse events and death due to the vaccine based on the manufacturer's vaccine batch numbers (on the vial) And, that led me to see that these products are produced extremely badly and do not follow any quality standards. So, I tried to find out why that has happened around the world with no one in authority stopping it and recalling the product like they are supposed to. That is how I uncovered deep corruption at the FDA and other regulatory agencies around the world... So, now I am working with legal researchers to uncover corruption and find out how this is related to the Department of Defense ,,,and how they contracted for these products , and we are looking into laws that were passed by Congress to enable this deep corruption......

This is a much deeper and more evil corruption because-as you can see - it's all over the world they are all following the same script ...the same regulatory agencies are acting in the same way

We found that it started in the US. There are a set of US laws that were put in place long before Covid began, to enable secret purchasing of pharmaceutical products by the Department of Defense calling them prototypes and countermeasures; designating them in a whole legal category which is not regulated like pharmaceuticals but then pretending to the public- through media and orchestrated suppression of free speech- that this is a health event and that these are the pharmaceuticals in response to the health event. While, in reality, what was happening, is that the DoD was buying prototypes from a number of defense contractors and deploying them on the public.

"The documents I've read are actually quite open about it. Operation Warp Speed is headed by the Department of Defense.... So alot of the material I present to the public is from their own (DOD) material. They are telling the truth. You just have to read the words carefully." Sasha Latypova Interview, Rumble
WHO convenes
According to Latypova, it all starts with the DOD. The DOD oversaw the operation at HHS and the DOD provided "prototypes" to the drug companies to manufacture enough vaccines to inject everyone in the country. Bottom line: The vaccines are not really the creation of the big pharma as most people think. Big pharma is merely a contractor who produces millions of injections of a prototype that was created by Pentagon contractors. What this tells us is that the government and their allies at the drug companies were not responding to a public health emergency; they were acting as the catalyst for a vast military operation aimed at the American people.

Here's more from a presentation Latypova made two months ago. This is from DOD contracts:

Use of EAU (Emergency Use Authorization) countermeasures is NOT a clinical investigation"...

The significance of this is, that if a countermeasure is not a clinical investigational product, then no pharmaceutical regulations apply to these products. So, this is the lie that our government told to our people and the world: They claimed that this was a health event, they claimed that they were producing pharmaceutical products to 'good manufacturing standards' when they knew that no pharmaceutical regulations applied to these countermeasures and countermeasures can mean anything....

In the US the government lied to us about this being a health event... They told us it was a global pandemic but they organized the response as if it was a war. In the US, the National Security Council was put in charge of Covid response. The NSC -which advises the president- has representatives from Intelligence and Defense, (but) no one from health care is on the NSC.... The chief operating officer (of the pandemic response) is the Secretary of Defense.... They are running the whole thing. The HHS is the Chief Science Advisor. ...The whole top executive structure (organizational) consists of government, National Security Council, Dept of Defense, BARDA etc and they are doing everything that the pharmaceutical companies normally do, like safety monitoring, clinical trials etc But, here, the government is doing it for them... even hiring their own contractors to run their clinical trials. ...They are interacting with Congress. They even have the office of General Counsel which is the Dept of Justice defending them. ...You can see that the pharmaceutical companies are a third-level down. They are not in charge but the are getting a tremendous amount of money to shut up and follow orders. ...But the entire operation is run by the Dept of Defense and the US Government. ...

So, my question is: Who is really manufacturing these injections?

Well, again in the same presentation (about) Operation Warp Speed and BARDA were bragging about their 'vaccine portfolio'. (Latypova shows list of vaccine manufacturers who work with the DOD on the screen. These are not names that are familiar to American people..... According to Latypova, Pfizer and Moderna only produce a "Demo" (demonstration) of the vaccine. The actual product is created as an unregulated "countermeasure" by shadowy contractors working for the DOD. Note: Latypova's slides are all from government documents. Nothing here is "made up." Latypova combed through over 400 DOD contracts to find this information.)

Also, according to DOD documents, the DOD did not order "vaccines" but "prototypes" (minute 19:35) identified in government contracts as "novel application of commercial technologies for defense purposes." Sasha Latypova PhD. M.Sc. NSA Team Enigma: COVID-19 Countermeasures: Evidence of the Intent to Harm, Rumble
consistnet manufacturing
Once again, the contractual requirement of the pharmaceutical companies is not to provide a thoroughly-tested, safe and effective vaccine that mitigates the risk of serious injury from Covid-19. No. What DOD contracts require is "Large-scale vaccine manufacturing demonstration" for the prototype they created. This is the money-quote from the contract:

"While preclinical, clinical and chemistry/manufacturing/controls activities are described in the Background section in the Statement of Work, the parties acknowledge and agree that such activities not related to the large-scale manufacturing demonstration are out-of-scope for this prototype project as Pfizer and BioNTech have and will continue to fund these activities, without the use of government funding."
What this means is that clinical trials and other regulations are not required under the terms of the agreement with the DOD. The DOD did not order the countermeasures to be "regulation compliant". They ordered large-scale manufacturing of a government-designed prototype.

The issue of "prototypes" really cuts to the heart of the matter, particularly regarding the contents of the vaccine which remain largely a mystery to this day. Did the DOD require that mRNA technology be used as the sole platform? Did they stipulate that the toxic spike protein must be encased in lipid nano-particles?

We still don't know the answers to these questions and now we have one more: What is the link between the Covid-19 mass vaccination campaign and HHS's "Notice of Declaration" for "Countermeasures Against... Marburg Disease"? Is there a connection? Is Marburg Phase 2 of the same military-led operation?

Rather than answer that question, let's consider the motive behind these massive vaccination campaigns. What is the ultimate objective of injecting billions of people with experimental vaccines that have not undergone the same rigorous testing as previous vaccines?

Latypova thinks the goal is depopulation. Here's a clip from a discussion she had with Steve Kirsch in May:

Steve Kirsch- Let's get into motivation. Who is doing this and why?.... Do you think it is Bill Gates, the Department of Defense, the Chinese Communist Party....

Sacha Latypova- The masterminds behind this are private. It is not the government, it is the private interests that are driving this... It ultimately boils down to individuals and families who think of themselves as the owners of the world and they think we are using their resources and there should be fewer of us. By the way, this belief has never been secret and has been produced in various documents and public presentations by the UN and WEF (World Economic Forum) and other globalist organizations.

Steve Kirsch- So is Bill Gates one of them?

Sacha Latypova- Yes, Bill Gates is definitely one of them ...He is deeply financially involved in all of this....

Steve Kirsch- I watched the Netflix documentary on Bill Gates and he devours information, he's very smart and he knows alot about alot of topics. He is involved in a number of humanitarian projects around the world...So, why would a guy who is interested in developing better sanitation for disadvantaged countries want to kill people?

Sacha Latypova- He is deeply committed to depopulation... These people get involved because they want to be presented to the world as philanthropists or saviors. No one is going to go out and say, "I am going to try to kill everyone on the planet." They hire PR firms to communicate an image to the public.... Bill and Melinda Gates are major investors in these vaccines through Moderna and BioNTech....

Steve Kirsch- By the way, he has never said, "Don't get these vaccines, I was wrong." He's never said that.

Sacha Latypova- Exactly. So a guy who is brilliant cannot read the data? (sarcasm)

Steve Kirsch- Okay, so I am rendering an opinion here but, It's just weird to me that someone who does so much good, could be interested in depopulating the world. And, here's the thing, Bill's a really really smart guy who has access to many many resources. There are easier ways to depopulate the world much faster than a vaccine that only kills one per thousand. This vaccine is very inefficient as far as its killing rate. So you have 13 billion doses worldwide, you've only killed 13 million people. That is a drop in the bucket if he really wants to depopulate. Why would he use a vaccine that works so slowly that he knows he will be caught and stopped.... If he wanted to depopulate he would do something much more aggressive that would kill masses of people so quickly you couldn't defend against it. That's what I'd do if I was this "evil" person behind this, so I am wondering: Does this make sense?

Sacha Latypova- So what would be the mechanism for killing people in larger numbers if you were to do it yourself?

Steve Kirsch- I don't know, I've never looked into it.

Sacha Latypova- Well, that's the problem.... Conventional weapons can kill more people faster, but there are no viruses that are both lethal and spreadable. That's a science fiction myth. So that's off the table. So, these people are eugenicists. Bill Gates is an avowed eugenicist, but there are many more in his club. They believe that they can control the population of the world, that is expressed in a whole bunch of UN documents to which the US is signatory. ... So they think they can control the world population but they don't want it to be overt and violent, because that creates immediate resistance and people won't trust them. So they have developed this mechanism by which.... and this is just Round 1... They are not done with this. And they also use various vectors (food supply) So, this is the mechanism by which they turn public health against the people and weaponize it. ... This is not a public health measure, it is a eugenics measure aimed at controlling the population. and to control and terrorize the survivors.

Now, killing by the vaccines, while the rate is not very large, it also sterilizes-reduces the birth rate- so you have a much larger effect over time that you would immediately visible. ... Now they are transitioning mRNA technology to all traditional vaccines ... Next round will be the flu shot, RSV, livestock ...which will damaging microbiome of the entire ecosystem... These are numerous vectors that they have introduced because the whole objective was to put this evil toxic hugely dangerous mRNA technology platform on the market, and they have achieved that. So now the FDA can approve new versions without any data. Nothing can be FOIA because there will be no data."Whose Military made Covid, Sasha Latypova and Steve Kirsch, Rumble
Latypova provides a rational explanation of the depopulation theory which is dismissed by most people as utter nonsense. But people who believe the theory, never claimed that millions of people would suddenly drop dead after they were injected. What they expected, is largely what we've seen, which is a gradual uptick in excess deaths that puts global population on a steadily declining trajectory. That is the objective and that is how the plan works. It's clear that the delayed effects of the toxic spike protein as well as the damaging impact of lipid nano-particles on male and female fertility, will ensure that mortality will increase even while the birthrate continues to shrink. Depopulation is a triumph for the billionaire elites who think the human impact on climate and resources must be reversed. They see their actions as morally laudable and ultimately beneficial for humanity. The question we should be asking ourselves is whether Marburg, and particularly the prospective Marburg vaccine, will continue to advance this same agenda?

We think it will, and we think that Dr. Rashid A. Buttar -who unexpectedly died on May 18, 2023 — may have been onto something when he posted his controversial 'Millions will be affected' video which explains the way that Marburg is designed to work. Naturally, Buttar's prognostications have been criticized as conspiracy theories, but judging by the millions of people who have flocked to his videos, it's clear that a great many people trust what he has been saying. And, what he's been saying, in simple terms, is that there is a hydro-gel within the Covid-19 vaccine that contains a time-released pathogen (Marburg) that will kill many of people who have been vaccinated.

DR RASHID A BUTTAR; Soothsayer or Crackpot?

This is the warning that Buttar delivered on his Rumble channel in the weeks preceding his death. According to the Doctor, the modified mRNA vaccines contain components that act like "sleeper cells" that lie dormant until a catalyst releases their toxic payload. Here's a quote from a recent interview:
People ask me if there will be a second wave, and I say, "Of course, there will be a second wave, but it won't be from the virus, it will be from the vaccine injury......

There are things within the vaccine that are designed to create a detrimental effect when they want it to create a detrimental effect... (It's) like a 'sleeper cell' in your body... that can be triggered by a signal or chemical or (something else) that can activate the sleeper cell.

One of the three pathogens contained (in the sleeper cell) is Marburg that creates a hemorrhagic fever ...which according to Google has an 88% mortality which means that 88 out of 100 people who get it will die.... Once the Marburg payload is released, millions of people will die...

I expect this will happen sometime this year. ...There's a payload of pathogens that have been introduced to the body like a sleeper cell waiting to be triggered by an electromagnetic pulse... that will cause the hydrogel to release the payload (carried by vaccinated people) that will mean certain death...Dr. Rashid Buttar, Millions will be Affected, Rumble

Video Link

Dr. Buttar anticipates a global genocide more catastrophic than any event in history. Unfortunately, I have no way of confirming whether he is right or wrong. So, I remain agnostic on Buttar's conclusions, but I think they are worth considering all the same.