The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry's Geology Agency on Wednesday increased the status of Mount Karangetang which is located at Siau Island, North Sulawesi. The status of the volcano was bumped up from Level II Alert to Level III as of February 8

The agency's acting head Muhammad Wafid in a statement on Wednesday explained that Level III Alert bans human activities within a 2.5-kilometer radius from the mountain's crater and 3.5 kilometers in its southern and southeastern region.

According to Wafid, the increased status effectively means local residents living alongside the riverbank coming from Mount Karangetang will have to stay alert for possible lava flow.

Mount Karangetang is the most active volcano in Indonesia and erupts almost every year.

"The characteristics of the eruption are in the form of explosive Strombolian eruptions and the growth of a lava dome which is often followed by lava avalanches," he said.

The Geological Agency warned that the potential danger of Mount Karangetang lies in lava avalanches from the lava dome, while the secondary hazard is in the form of lava.